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    esailor Team

    ( GMA Candidate –passed)
    Date : 29th March 2018
    Location : South Shields
    Duration : Approx 1 hr 15 mins

    Started with have you read MGN 69
    And then he followed it for the exam

    1-Diffrent between 2 stroke and 4 stroke
    2-What is pulse turbocharger
    3-What is constant turbocharger
    4-Describe 4 stroke engine how it works
    5-Draw 2 stroke engine
    6-Describe each component
    7-How the bottom end connected to the crankshaft
    8-What is the name of it
    9-How is the crankshaft supported
    Start M/E
    10What will you check in scavenge space
    11-High temperature in scavenge space what could be the reasons
    12-How will you act
    13-How can you increase the lubrication in one unit
    14-Is it possible
    15-What is fitted to increase the lubrication
    16-Why you check if there’s water from indicator cocks
    17-How else you can know
    18-How the air starting system works, describe it all
    19-What is pressure for air starting system
    20-What is pressure for control air system
    21-Why we need it 7 bars
    22-How we reduce the pressure for control air system
    23-If it fail what is dangerous
    24-What you use control air start system for
    25-What are you using steam for
    26-Why you need turbines
    27-What will you check in safety round in boiler
    28-If water low level what does it mean
    29-What are the reasons
    30-What is low boiler working pressure
    31-What type is your boiler
    32-If you flooding what is your action
    33-Draw me bilge system ( with oily water separator)
    34-Describe it all
    35-Where you will write your operation
    36-What you will write
    37-What is deference between bulk and tanker ship ( 2 parts of ORB for cargo and Machinery space)
    38-Why you need to write it
    39-What the regulations you will find this
    40-What are MARPOL Annexes
    41-If you have maintenance in C.S.W what is your procedure
    42-Enclosed space procedure
    43-What is the device name you use to test atmosphere
    44-What safety equipment should the person take with
    45-What is risk assessment
    46-What does it include
    47-Have you use it
    48-How can the person in case emergency 49-escape from enclosed space ( emergency breathing apparatus)
    50- How you check your potable Fire extenuator?
    51- how you know it’s been checked?
    53- what type of fire Extinguisher you have on board?
    54-Where will you fine your emergency instructions
    55- Talk me about SMS?
    56- why it is very important?
    This is what i can remember for the moment
    He didn’t ask about my last vessels description and followed MGN 69

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