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    esailor Team

    Joined 10 mins early, examiner joined slightly earlier as well, and we went through the
    procedure of the online exam. Checked my passport/discharge book and NOE. Checked the
    room with the cam and stressed the point that if the exam was being recorded it would be a
    failure, even if they found out in the future.
    1. Talked about my experience and where I have been operating
    2. Joining a bulk carrier in Singapore that was going to Panama
    3. Pre joining documents and procedure before arrival at ship
    4. Then put onboard taking over from other chief officer procedure
    5. Where would you find your Duties?/Duties of the C/O?
    6. You mentioned SEA, what is it and what’s contained in it. Who issues, what does it
    fall under, how would you know the ship is compliant – Basically everything to do
    with MLC, how the vessels complies and how it effects the seafarer
    7. You are loading grain , but the previous cargo was some horrible toxic stuff –
    8. Everything to do with Grain cargo – loading, securing, problem associated with the
    cargo, certification, stability
    9. You have completed loading and your calculations show that you have not received
    what you should have – how do you double check this and the procedure if it is
    10. What would you expect to receive from the shipper after cargo ops are completed
    11. you are now getting ready to leave – what information do you want from the 2/0
    regarding the voyage ahead. –
    12. There is a new cadet onboard – explain to him the ECDIS limitations.
    13. You mentioned weather, what would you expect for transiting this area.
    14. You mentioned you would be SSO – what precautions would you take when
    transiting the Singapore straights – Pirate attack procedures/considerations and
    15. You are now clear of Singapore and you are expecting heavy weather – procedures,
    re porting ect
    16. A seaman falls and is heavily injured, Medi vac by helicopter, safe manning
    document reporting/ procedures
    17. What certification and documents would you ensure to send with the injured
    18. You see smoke coming from the forward hold – actions
    19. You have had a large cargo shift, ship has 10-degree list
    20. You have made it to the port of refuge – dry dock with cargo? Procedures for dry
    21. Procedures for coming out of dry dock
    22. What do you understand by Port state inspection, how does it differ from flag state,
    how does port state inspection work – CERS, risk-based targeting, Thetis etc
    23. What do you understand about ACS, what is it, specifically what do they survey?
    24. DOC,SMC who does what inspections at what interval
    25. ISM audit/safety equipment
    26. Picture of a compass Binnacle – correctors and what do they correct for
    27. ROR and Buoyage – explain the situation and the rule that applies . CBD, Aground,
    one white light, FV, Trawler etc. Cardinal marks passing, preferred channel marks in
    and out wreck marker etc
    28. Overtaking in a narrow channel, I’m CBD with NUC crossing.
    29. 3 RV situations – again application of 19
    30. Docking PST right hand fixed prop, no bow thruster 10 knot wind blowing off.
    I am quite sure I’ve missed some questions out, but the middle part is a bit of a blur as soon
    as he had the points he was looking for we moved on. Very fair examiner. At the end he
    stressed the point that if the exam was recorded would loose COC. Showed me signed NOE.

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