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    esailor Team

    Master Unlimited 07/JAN/2021 time 0930- 1100
    Surveyor Capt KHAIRUL ANAM
    Result FAIL
    ALL mandatory formalities completed 10 Min early ask your oral as per British legislation since you are going for unlimited question can be any kind of V/L but nothing out of MGN 69 and No spoon-feeding, answer must be justify.
    – Oral has been begin with last vessel info and COVID-19 precaution with crew handling in tight situation, What will be Master’s obligation??
    – FIRE in galley during that time / Port operation oil spill how you will handle when no external help available??
    – Master’s obligation under ISM/MLC/ISPS
    – How you use your overriding authority??
    – Certificates under ACS ? and what is EAS and ESA?
    – ISM/MLC/ISPC survey/cert by MCA how often? Can they will be always through MCA (unable to satisfy him here and he moves on by saying will come back on this)
    – Showed me grounded v/l pics ask me about it difference between beaching and grounding?
    – Pilot away your vessel complied everything and safe but after 1 hr this happened what was the reason could be??
    – Your action after grounding??
    – What entries in OLB??
    – What inspection during weekly accommodation inspection??
    – What is occupational health and safety?? What is Master’s obligation??
    – Safety committee meeting and master’s obligation??
    – Comeback to grounding scenario what help you will look for??
    – Your vessel afloat without any salvage/towage during high tide and inform every one DPA asked me to sail out towards destination… What is your obligation??
    – V/L is out at sea no class surveyor or divers available what you do next??
    – Port of refuse V/L alongside what is your action??
    – What is the role of PSC,MAIB,CLASS??
    Begin with ROR slides and no question was asked strait fwd all was as per Master’s aspect and OOW call you like Narrow channel your ahead and another V/L trying to overtake you risk of collision 3rd off called you what is your detailed action with justification…
    – Many situations during day and night which is all covered in GMA notes
    – RV radar plot 1 V/L fwd of beam stbd side and another in stbd quarter explain everything what other v/l can do etc..
    – Buoyage system all the buoyage uses/lights/rhythms which side to be pass inbound/outbound
    – For ROR I know the consequences so all went in order

    Feed back
    -ACS option not explained well need to work out more in detail (Didn’t told internal audit by company management annually and report to class/flag)
    – Grounding initial action no AIS status changed and 3 black ball up (even you said follow the checklist but initially your plan of action must covered this)
    -Didn’t told about condition of class after ground the V/L (after grounding ship master business was not up to the mark)
    Nothing was out of my knowledge, But unable to utilize the phrases which I got fail result.
    Very important about Capt ANAM he always looks for weak point where you looks strong, very short skipped and you will get another question, don’t want any word to be repeated.

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