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    esailor Team

    GMA candidate 08.10.18.
    MCA Paisley office
    Passport, discharge book
    MGN 69
    Draw a cross section of a 2-stroke engine, talked about the construction
    Air and humidity in scavenge space
    MARPOL annex 6,
    Draw & explain LO system, explain LO for the liner
    Purifier discharging
    Boiler safeties
    Boiler water tests, why and what
    Efficiency of boiler when scale forming
    1 Boiler sight glass shows no level. And with 2?
    Draw Star Delta start configuration
    Draw Direct On-line
    Lead me through a planned maintenance of an electric motor of a centrifugal pump
    Proof an electric motor dead, testing
    Connecting a generator to the busbar
    How do you get the frequency higher
    Draw the phase shift
    Draw and explain HiFog system
    He let me draw a lot
    And he was pushing on environmental issues
    We talked a lot about the LO system

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