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    Oral 02/12/20
    Candidate: Connor Chalmers GMA Candidate
    Examiner: Andrew Lee
    Duration: 50 minutes
    • Types of ship sailed on
    • Type of engine
    • How the ship is propelled from Gen to propellor? (Diesel Elec)
    • How are the azi pods turned and do they have local operation?
    • What is special about steering gear motors on conventional steering gear?
    • Safe isolating procedure for a Generator
    • Starting procedure for Generator
    • Manual paralleling of Gen
    • Main switchboard protections
    • Reverse power trip, in what circumstance it becomes an issue, the consequences of reverse power, how to avoid. He said this was fine but out of interest how do they work
    • Pumping a bilge
    • What type of bilge pump I had
    • Why do we use positive displacement pumps and what are the benefits
    • Where are centrifugal pumps used on ships and what are the benefits
    • Oil water separator construction, operation and legislation
    • All information recorded in Oil record book
    • Sewage treatment plants, different types, operation, legislation
    • Basic function of FWG, what types are there
    • He showed me an electrical diagram of a turning gear and asked me to name parts (fuses, transformer, contactors) and why it had two connections (reversible)
    • What happens in the event of the ship blacking out?
    • How does the emergency generator start in the event of a blackout?
    • What methods of starting were available on my ship
    • What does the EMGSWB supply
    • How is the emergency generator tested?
    • Boiler mountings
    • Boiler safeties and shutdowns
    • What to do in the event of finding both gauge glasses empty
    • Shared a diagram of a 2 stroke cylinder head and asked me to name all components
    • 2 Stoke operating principals (basically timing diagram without having to draw it)
    • Engine trips and alarms
    • What are the causes of oil mist and what protections are on the engine for this?
    • How does an OMD function?
    • Actions taken in response to OMD alarm (he pushed me to mention dwell time of ~10 minutes after alarm before entering the ER in case of explosion but didn’t know this)
    • He then said he was stopping the exam there and it was a pass!

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