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    GMA Candidate –passed)
    Date : 6th Feb 2018
    Location : South Shields
    Duration : Approx 1hr
    The questions are not in the same order
    1. What was your last ship
    2. What type of engine you had and what was the normal routine( is it UMS)
    3. What is a stroke
    4. What are the difference between the 2 stroke engine and 4 stroke engine
    5. How fuel get delivered to the injectors( was aiming to the construction of the fuel pump and its relation to the cam shaft.
    6. How air is getting inside the cylinder
    7. What type of scavenging you had on board
    8. What T/C are driven with
    9. If scavenge temperature is high what could be the cause?
    10. Scavenge space fire ( your action)
    11. Enclosed space entry to inspect the scavenge space
    12. What safeties on the main engine
    13. The purpose of running direction interlock( relating to the air start distributor)
    14. What tests in the jacket water?
    15. Draw and explain a jacket cooling water system
    16. How does the 3 way v/v works ( i started describing PID system but he was looking for pneumatic)
    17. You mentioned UMS system talk me through it
    18. When you are in a safety round near the boiler what do you check to insure that the boiler is in a good running condition.(flame eye gauge glass pressure gauge ,etc.
    19. What is the function of the flame sensor( aiming to the order of fire)
    20. Gauge glass is showing no water
    21. Take generator on load
    22. Safeties of the MSB( mentioned five of them but he was also looking for low frequency and high frequency trip)
    23. If black out how would you bring again generator on load ( just start procedure and close ACB
    24. If you are on watch and one of the generator pistons is due for maintenance talk me through your procedure of taking out the piston?
    25. How would you lift the piston
    26. What would you check in the big end bearing nuts and bolts( i said visually check for any damage but he seemed looking for something else and he kept asking me can we use them for ever if they look okay and why changing them?
    I finally mentioned there might have small cracks
    27. How to start a purifier
    28. How would you know the right speed to start the water seal
    29. Talk me about your bilge system
    30. What type of pumps you had, why.
    31. What is ORB?
    32. What is marpol
    33. What is ism
    34. What safeties do you have on your cargo tanks
    35. What are the gases in the inert gas system and from where
    36. What fixed fire system you had on board
    37. Procedure of operating Co2 system
    38. If you had flooding in the engine room caused by a busted sea water pipe what is your action
    39. What pumps are connected to the emergency bilge suction

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