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    David Lee EOOW Orals 13.01.2021 online orals
    Examiner Asif Hanif from Shields
    Discharge book (he looked at the ship page and confirmed I worked on cable ships)
    Asked me to explain what a cable ship ( engines/length/4 stroke/HV)
    He asked me to explain 2 and 4 stroke engine cycles
    What happens with exhaust gasses (turbo/EGB)
    Turbo working principles
    Draw 2 stroke
    Remove piston ( broke it down in to 3 days and explained each day )
    Engine safeties
    Engine shut downs
    What pumps are there
    Explain each one
    Name component parts of a centrifugal pump
    Electricity isolations full works
    Parallel gen
    Why is HV used on ships
    Certificates needed
    Boiler test
    Blow down
    Rest hours
    Enclosed space entry
    Lo tests
    Engine high pressure lo why
    Two stroke lo why separate tan and tbn etc

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