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    esailor Team

    Orals- Rory Morrison
    Examiner- Amit Bannerji
    • Types of ship sailed on
    • Places travelled
    • Asked me about engine type on second ship, stroke and bore etc
    • Asked about AEs, stroke and bore.
    • When I told him my engine type, he asked whether it was gas or not
    • Asked what maintenance I performed on my main engine, told him that because it was new it was only crankcase inspections and scavenge space cleaning.
    • Asked me if I’d done crankcase inspection, I told him I’d watched from the door and the 1st had taken photos. Asked me what I’d be looking for, said bearing wear and hotspots etc
    • Asked about hotspots, what do they cause
    • Asked the opening pressure of an explosion door, didn’t know but said I’d check SOLAS
    • Asked about my first ship engine, type etc
    • Asked what maintenance I’d seen on it. Told him exhaust valve and stuffing box overhauls, as well as piston overhauls.
    • How many piston rings
    • Role of a stuffing box- sealing and scraping.
    • Moved onto FWG- how does it work
    • What is the vacuum
    • How is the vacuum maintained?
    • When the heat is adjusted, the vacuum drops, why is this? Told him the water expanded and made steam, which had a greater volume.
    • Asked me how this pressure equalises itself. I wasn’t sure
    • How much seawater is required to make 1t of fresh water? 40t, who knew.
    • Asked me what the camber of the ship was
    • Asked me what the bilge keel did. I said stabilisation and collisions
    • Asked me how the bilge keel was attached to the ship- I thought it was a trick question and couldn’t work it out, he said welded. Felt stupid.
    • Asked me the four pillars of the IMO.
    • Asked me to explain the purposes of the ISM code.
    • Asked how a separator works. Explained the centrifugal principle but didn’t go into how it was applied
    • Asked me how the sludge is discharged. I said about the sensor and flushing, wanted more detail but I wasn’t sure what he was after
    • Went on a tirade about how he used to have to manually flush separators every day.
    • What alloys make steel. Told him iron and carbon, wanted more. He thought I said manganese and said ‘yes manganese indeed’, but wanted more. The other was phosphorus but I didn’t know it.
    • Asked me what brass was made of. I said copper and bronze and he said it was right- it isn’t.
    • Asked me what bronze was made of. I told him I had no idea and he was happy with that.
    • Asked me about the FFA on the ship.
    • I mentioned high and low expansion foam.
    • Asked about the expansion rate of high expansion foam. Answered 200. Had no idea but it seemed okay.
    • Asked how I knew it- The bottle.
    • Asked where it was used- purifier room
    • Asked about low expansion foam- told him I didn’t know our ship specific but that LEF is classed as foam between 1-6 expansion rate as per SOLAS.
    • Asked about the CO2 system and how it works. Offered the operational procedure but he didn’t want it.
    • Managed to explain most but he wanted what the CO2 bottle head assembly specifically did- I had no idea and only managed to explain the bursting disc before he cut me off.
    • Asked me to prepare a description of the CO2 bottle head assembly and email it to him by tomorrow morning.

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