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    Captain Bennet
    Chief Mate online
    Robbie Firth. GMA Pass. Offshore.
    Chief mate questions
    Started off casual. Chatted about experience. Offshore. If given the chance set the tone by chatting casually about your experience, drop-in good practices but don’t take the piss.
    LSA on offshore vessels.
    Joining your previous vessel.
    PSV cargo (container) and DG
    How would you induct a 2/O to that vessel.
    Safe access, including rafted vessels.
    Voyage from Glasgow to Canada for bulk. Ballast voyage considerations.
    Your carrying out an operation that’s new to the vessel talk me through a RA.
    Mooring stations
    Got pretty deep into vessel stability, Inclining experiment, draw load line, draw GZ curve and theory, what is angle of LOLL. Know your theory. He didn’t ask specific formula just that you understood what has happened. How to correct. Why did this happen.
    Load line survey.
    Have you ever had a disciplinary on board. What should be done
    Master >3000GT
    ISM. Master responsibility. Give examples and experience. He said himself no point in knowing but not knowing how to implement.
    Loading steel coils what would you tell the mate. Ensure for company liability the cargo is in good conditions pre loading.
    MOB actions.
    What do you do when entering RV.
    Slides of vessels crossing, head on and overtaking. Radar plot. You are over taking.
    Smarty boards. Sailing vessel with angle of heel. Caused by sail only special one. Then a selection of buoys.
    Probably more to it than that. PMS, ship handling, anchoring, MLC, requirements of ashore, SEA and a few other things I can’t remember came about naturally.
    Know your cargo, stability, good practices, and crew management well. He said at the end he knew I had not sailed on cargo ships traditionally however I showed I knew what action to take if I didn’t know.

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