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    esailor Team

    Joining a container ship as chief mate
    Prepare for a load line survey
    Where do you find details of loadlines
    Draw me a loadline
    Explain to 2/O about loading DG
    Contents of a cargo securing manual
    Crossing Atlantic on container ship considerations as mate
    Pulled out me he wanted bw exchange considerations in heavy weather
    D1 and d2 ballast water
    Draw me a gz curve
    Draw me a gz curve at angle of loll
    How did you end up with an angle of loll
    How to fix an angle of loll
    Mob situation
    Can’t find mob what can you do
    Why is a sector search better than an expanding square search
    Solas Ch 12 what is it what’s in
    Dangers of high density cargoes
    Synoptic chart in colour – need black and white for the wind scale
    Wind at an occluded front
    What do you think the wind speed and direction will be here? Estimated
    Rule 6
    Rule 9
    Masters responsibilities under ism
    What’s a bl
    What’s a dirty bl
    How does a master be sure he’s complying with MARPOL annex 1
    What’s salvage
    Radar plot
    Pdv port side no action
    Is it crossing or overtaking both quarters and responsibilities
    What’s the buoy and actions all single buoys
    How do you know the direction of buoyage
    Pilot ladders – I just spoke about certificates, inspections, approval, securing. Didn’t go anywhere
    near particulars of the ladder. I did talk about max climbing and combination arrangements though.
    How to tell if Manila rope is deteriorated
    Enclosed space entry preparations

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