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    esailor Team

    Masters Oral Exam
    Capt Brar.
    21st Feb 2018
    Pass 55 mins
    What is ice accretion? How does it happen? How would you reduce ice accretion at the first place? How would you get rid of the accretion once formed? Would you salt water hose down your deck?
    What maintenance is carried out on P/V valves? Frequency?
    Ecdis mandatory feeds? Gave me a paper chart, pointed towards a box and was interested in knowing what it was (survey data) From there he went how you would find the same info on ENC’s (Catzoc)
    Issues with using ENC not on the chart scale? How would you determine if the ENC being used is on the charted scale? Telling this from a distance of 2m?
    How would you extinguish a scavenge space fire? Purifier fire?
    Purifier system – How does fuel flow?
    Flammable cargo spilled on deck, caught fire, how would you extinguish it?
    Fire Triangle? Classes of fire?
    Magnetic compass – Flinders bar position aft, slewed – possibilities. Coefficient A.
    Gave me a ship model, do a Mediterranean Moor. How is it different to Baltic moor?
    What’s cross and elbow in regards to anchoring?
    What are IMO Type I, II, III Chemical tankers? What are the filling restrictions on each?
    What’s the COF on noxious liquid carriers issued in accordance with?
    Difference between beaching and grounding?
    Placed a yacht on deck of a general cargo and goes heavy weather has caused damaged to the cargo as well as the ship – What parties would you inform? What certificates would invalidate?
    P & I, H & M – Do they overlap at some point?
    Difference between RO & Class – give examples of 2 RO.
    MAIB reporting – What ships and when would you report to MAIB?
    Dead person on board – off landing formalities.
    Recent MGN on maintaining crew lists ashore – what does it say? (MGN 577)
    What’s a VOC management plan? What ships carry a VOC plan?
    Colregs –
    PDV overtaking another in narrow channel – actions. Sound signals for overtaking.
    CBD overtaking PDV in narrow channel – actions/ responsibilities. CBD fog signal.
    Vessel aground ahead – actions. Fog signal. Lights for a vessel aground – 50m and longer.
    Figuring out aspect of an approaching vessel on a radar plot.

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