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    esailor Team

    Result: Pass
    Duration: 41mins
    Exam was on teams, for those not on UK time be mindful that Outlook calendar automatically convert UK appointment time to local time. I was up 6 hrs early because I thought the calendar was using UK time when it automatically corrected for my local time.
    Usual start on teams, confirmed my oral syllabus, asked to see around the room, turn off phone, have water etc. Advised that I would be on a well manned UK flagged vessel, as chief mate, and at times master 3000gt.
    On last vessel what was primary means of navigation.
    Limitations of ECDIS
    What to do if you suspect ECDIS information is missing.
    Sources of weather information
    Weather equipment onboard
    As master how would you know that the 2nd officer is conducting a safe navigation watch.
    As chief mate explain to the 2nd officer how to formulate a passage plan.
    Means of position fixing when GPS is out.
    Preparation for loadline inspection, validity of certificate and survey interval.
    Ways of detecting cargo leak on gas tanker.
    Fire in purifier room, 2 persons missing, actions.
    Single crew, right handed prop, no tugs, in river tide astern, offshore wind. Berth the vessel port side (Required to turn, using anchor)
    How do international conventions achieve national legal status in UK.
    Starboard lateral mark Region A
    Preferred channel to port Region A
    North Cardinal
    Isolated Danger
    VSL Aground,
    Vsl engaged in pilotage duty
    Vsl engaged in fishing other than trawling
    Towing vsl , restricted in ability to maneuver, length of the tow greater than 200m
    Own vessel in TSS, PDV STBD SIDE overtaking, PDV crossing port to stbd, fishing vessel crossing port to stbd, sailing vsl crossing stbd to port. All in the same scenario
    Restricted visibility, ARPA analysis, complete triangle and determine action. One vessel directly astern and another vsl bearing 030 on the plotting sheet.
    Thanks to Capt. Barry Sadler, live clinics, online prep course.

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