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    esailor Team

    Chief Mate Unlimited
    Online – Shiva Balasubramania – Cardiff
    Date: 6 APR 2020 / 1300 to 1410
    Result: PASS
    Started the exam with the formalities and online procedures, talked about my company and
    different companies in the gulf. Stated that the exam will be based on MGN 69 etc.
    1- Joining as a mate, talk about the whole process.
    2- The ship is going for a Loadline Survey, talk about the whole preparations, in this
    question he asked about the validity of all certificates and renewal survey window.
    3- Dry Dock preparations, concerns regarding stability, emergency drydock with 8 m
    trim astern, would you go to floating dock or a drydock and why? Why would you
    want the blocks position to be changed?
    4- Loading preparations on oil tankers, he went into details with IG system and it looks
    like he didn’t hear me when I talked about the valve before the O2 analyser, so he
    asked at the end of it what would happen if the O2 detects 10% Oxygen, BM&SF.
    5- Some why he asked me about bulk carriers after this, what hazards are associated
    with iron ore.
    6- Pilot ladder specifications and rigging procedures.
    7- Voyage planning info you need from 2nd off and what info you would give him, he
    wanted to hear navigational aspects and increasing the watch levels so this led to
    the next.
    8- Hours of rests.
    9- 2nd officer calls you and tells you the deviation is more than what it supposed to do,
    what advice you would give him.
    10- Anchoring including Deep anchoring procedures.
    11- Chief cook calls you and he doesn’t know the discharging criteria, what would assist
    you to tell him?
    12- Talk about salvage, LOF, ETA on tankers, preparations for towage, port of refuge.
    Bouyage: INBOUND, light & action
    Port hand lateral IALA A
    STBD hand lateral IALA A
    Isolated danger
    Safe water
    North cardinal – heading NORTH
    NUC making way
    NUC stopped
    CBD crossing from port
    NUC crossing from port
    In TSS, PDV crossing from STBD, how would re-join the lane
    Radar Plot: HEADING NORTH, YOUR SPEED 1 ring for the 6b Minutes Plot
    One target on 225 and range is 10-8-6 respectively
    What is your action and what’s the other vessel could do
    Surely there are some questions I have missed out but this what I can remember, it was a
    straight forward exam.

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