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    esailor Team

    Paisley office
    1. This is your second attempt, what happened in the first exam.
    2. What vessels have you sailed on
    3. Tell me about your engines
    4. Difference between 4&2 stroke enigines.
    5. Procedure for handing over a ship on UMS conditions.
    6. Scavenge temp high, what are the causes.
    7. What are your actions in the event of scavenge fire.
    8. Actions if fire doesn’t extinguish.
    9. He asked me if I ever done any major Cleaning of the aux boiler, i said no and he asked me the general working principle of the of the boiler.
    10. Running parameters of the boiler.
    11. What are the safeties and alarms on the boiler.
    12. Action if you see no water level in the boiler gauge glass.
    13. All Air system safeties.
    14. Operational principle of air compressor.
    15.Draw 2 stroke timing diagram
    16. Working principle of purifier
    17. Procedure for starting M/E from 1 hour notice.
    18. Describe your bilge pumping system.
    19. What do we have on the vessel to prevent the risk of flooding.
    20. You are performing maintenance on a sw pump, how do you isolate electrically. ( I kind of messed this one up and got confused and mentioned insultation resistance test. He then asked what I would used to prove dead, and asked me to draw the terminals and use 2 pencils like the ends of multimeter and show him how to prove dead).
    22. What is a insulation resistance test/ min value of electric shock
    23. How to do test
    24. What is a Continuity test
    25. How to start up and synchronise generator
    26. Safeties on gen and MSB
    27. Procedure for operating co2
    28 how purifiers are stopped in the event of fire in E/R.
    29. How many fire teams did I have
    30. What were my duties on board ship, excluding watchkeeping duties. ( I just ran through my Saturday routines and testing of BA compressor/Equiptment.)
    31. What is on my fire plan
    32. Testing of emergency gen
    33. Are you familiar with COSWP
    34. what’s the enclosed space procedure.
    35. Talk to me about watertight integrity
    36. What is ISM code
    37. What does SMS include
    38. Draw cross section of 2 stroke engine
    39. Draw double bottom
    40. How does free surface effect the stability of the ship.
    41. What is oxygen content before entering enclosed space
    He stopped me and said you have passed. He also asked me if I prepared for the exam my self or if I done a course. I mention Piyush and the marine academy helped me a lot.
    These are all the questions I can remember right now, anything he asked me I just proceeded to give him all the information on the subject that I knew. I wasn’t waiting on follow up questions

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