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    esailor Team

    Date:December 2020
    Center: Dover (online)
    Examiner Capt. C. Roe
    Chief Mate Unlimited/Master 3000gt
    Vessel Rotated between captain & C/O position
    MCA slide concerning conduct of exam: No headphones, no phones,
    procedure if video call dropped, cheating policy, confirmation that no video
    recording devices are being used & inspection of room.
    Synoptic Chart- Passage planning considerations. Great circle vs rumb
    line. Pros and cons of each. (GPS uses great circle)
    Under keel clearance & squat
    HRU- How to rig it.
    EBIRB- uses, how does it work, tests, what to do in the event of accidental
    SART- uses how does it work
    X Band Radar uses.
    Sextant- What to use it for, How would I use it on the 0400—0800 watch.
    Correctable errors. (Add for on the arc)
    PAB- what is it, checks, TRS – navigable
    Alongside berth discharging cargo in St Lucia and a TRS is approaching –
    Considerations when choosing a safe area to wait out TRS- mentioned I
    would try to find shelter in a bay the Western side of the island as the TRS
    typically comes from the west.
    What else can that location be used for
    Types of Anchors- Difference in holding power
    Difference between deep water anchoring and shallow water anchoring
    Loading Grain- hydroscopic, grain shift, DOA, loading grain without DOA,
    bundling saucering, trimming the cargo
    Grain shift vs liquefication
    Liquefication- what is it. Mentioned that it is associated with “A” cargoes
    How to check Moisture content of cargo – TML Moisture content on
    declaration, can test
    Actions to take if cargo failed the can test
    Change over from Autopilot to Hand steering – ended up speaking about
    azipods Basic principles. Difference from conventional vessels
    Loading Timber- dangers, considerations
    Angle of Loll- Drew the curve and that of a stable vessel
    Small Fire in Galley- Actions
    FFE in galley
    New Galley- Medium Fire in Galley
    In dry dock Plug arrangement/ Storage of plugs (keep plugs safe)
    Name Certificates based on different Conventions
    • SOLAS – validity of SMD, questions about cargo safety
    Radio/Equipment/Construction certificates (cannot remember questions)
    • MARPOL – Listed all the certificates. What do you have instead of
    certificates for Annex 5 (some other straight forward questions)
    Validity of Loadline Survey. Frequency of Loadline Survey. Who does the
    ACS- What is it? What does the MCA check?
    Lifeboats- how often do you launch/lower them. Spoke about the weekly,
    monthly and 3 monthly. What about freefall lifeboats.
    Asked about drills and frequency- Mentioned new amendments to
    COSWP included Damage Control Drills “at regular intervals”
    Rules that applies to restricted visibility
    OA plot -CPA & TCPA
    Vessel forward of the beam starboard side
    Situation as above but vessel directly astern
    Bouys – Identify & Lights
    Port hand Lateral Mark
    Preferred channel to Starboard Region A
    Preferred channel to Starboard Region B
    Isolated danger
    Safe Water
    Bouys – Actions
    Between a West & East cardinal bouys – Safe to pass as I was west of the
    west cardinal and East of the East Cardinal
    East Cardinal heading south
    East Cardinal heading East- Stop
    North & South Cardinals heading East (can’t remember others)
    ROR – Assume risk of collision for all Action and rule
    PDV crossing on port side not taking action 2nd Officer calls you to bridge
    Power Driven vessel head on
    RAM ahead
    Overtaking a RAM vessel – (Note nowhere in Rule 13 does it say that a
    vessel that is being overtaken is a “standon vessel”
    Identify day shape for vessel engaged in Fishing seen on portside- Actions
    Same situation vessel crossing TSS
    Narrow Channel- How to overtake a vessel. No response actions
    Lights& Fog Signals
    PDV possible more than 50m head on, underway
    White Light
    RAM towing less than 50m length of Tow greater than 200m
    Vessel engaged in trawling less than 50m stopped
    Capt. Roe was a very fair and pleasant examiner. There weren’t any “trick
    questions”. Several times I wasn’t sure of the question and he did provide
    clarification. For the angle of loll question I actually drew the curve to help
    explain my answer and I showed him. My advice: think before answeringjotting
    down points helps.

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