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    Date: 08/12/2020
    Examiner: Chris Roe, Dover
    Name: Chloe Shapton
    Time: 1 hour 40 minutes
    Result: Pass
    General Knowledge
    Note: These questions may not reflect the order they were asked in the exam and may not
    contain every question asked. Some questions were answered from the Chief Officer and
    Master perspective.
    ● Showed a Synoptic Chart – asked what it was? What weather conditions you’d expect
    from an area of high pressure over the UK. What weather conditions you’d expect
    from an area of low pressure in the UK. How you would find the wind speed; asked
    whether the wind speed differs at sea level and on land.
    ● Showed a photo of a Sextant – what is it? Index error 1.5 off the arc, how do you
    apply it.
    ● Magnetic compass – have a compass error of 3°W variation is 3°W, what is the
    ● Now a Master – going from Bristol to Caribbean, ask your 2/O to do a passage, how
    would you?
    ● Still a Master, bad weather is due you need to re-route to head south, how would you
    do this? (Not really sure what he was after here, didn’t understand the question)
    OOW says there’s a drop in 5 hPa, what does this mean? What area would you
    prefer to be in? Actions in the navigable semicircle – why?
    ● Chief Officer – heavy weather preparations.
    ● ECDIS – Master, tell a new cadet about the limitations. What are the minimum
    inputs? How do you plot a position?
    ● ARPA/Radar – explain the limitations to a new cadet.
    ● Photo of an EPIRB – what frequencies does it work on?
    ● As a chief officer how would you prepare for dry dock. What is a plug plan? Where
    would you keep the plugs? What trim do you require going into dry dock? Why?
    ● Finished loading cargo, bow door is closed but is showing a red light on the panel,
    what action would you take? Would you sail? Master says it’s a sensor problem and
    it’s fine, would you allow him/her to sail?
    ● ISPS – Who was the ship’s security officer on your last ship, is a surveyor allowed to
    see the SSP? Port is on level 2 what does this mean?
    ● Garbage – Who was responsible for it on your last ship? Tell me about the Garbage
    Management Plan. Asked something about how much you are allowed to be charged
    to discharge rubbish ashore, I said that I didn’t know, he just said that in the annex
    there’s a regulation about it.
    ● Chief officer – loading steel coils, preparations?
    ● Photo of a precision aneroid barometer – what is it?
    ● Photo of a hygrometer – what is it? What is it used for?
    ● Photo of hydrometer – what is it? What is it used for?
    ● Chief officer – wire on the crane has been condemned, how would you go about
    changing it?
    ● What is breaking strain? What is SWL? How do you calculate it?
    ● Master – What is a short turn around? What is a snub around? Explain how you
    would do it.
    ● What is important about an angle of repose? Angle is 22° ship rolls to 20°, what does
    this mean? What could happen to the centre of gravity?
    ● What is an angle of loll? How do you correct it?
    ● Master – you are at sea and in order to correct for the angle of loll you need to
    submerge your loadline mark, are you allowed?
    ● Certificates on your last ship?
    ● How often do you do a survey of the ship’s bottom on a) cargo ship b) passenger
    ● How long is a ISM DoC valid for? What surveys are there?
    ● Showed a photo of a standard anchor – what is it? What is the difference between
    that and a high holding anchor?
    ● In Lloyd’s Register, what does 1001A mean?
    ● What is HSSC?
    Buoys – showed a photo of it and asked for the light.
    ● North cardinal
    ● East cardinal
    ● South cardinal
    ● Starboard lateral mark region A. Going into port how would you pass it?
    ● Port lateral mark region A. Action?
    ● Preferred channel to port region A. Action?
    ● Preferred channel to port region B. Action?
    ● Safe water mark
    ● New danger. History of it?
    ● Isolated Danger mark
    ● Heading 090°T north cardinal ahead, action?
    ● Heading 090°T east cardinal ahead, action?
    ● East cardinal on your left, west cardinal on your right action?
    Day situations
    Open sea
    ● PDV crossing from port side
    ● Fishing vessel crossing from port side
    ● RAM ahead
    ● You are overtaking a PDV
    ● PDV is overtaking you then added a PDV crossing from starboard
    ● fishing vessel crossing from port
    Narrow channel
    ● Overtaking you need them to move
    Rule 19 – didn’t ask me to plot anything on the radar sheet. Didn’t ask me to complete the
    ● What does it state?
    ● Plot furthest away is O last plot is A. 6 minutes between each plot. The screen had
    range rings on it, each plot was on a range ring. Three range rings before you got to
    the centre. What is the CPA and TCPA. Action?
    ● Then another three plots were added. O is furthest away A is closest. Action?
    Lights -of the ones I can remember
    ● PDV probably more than 50m seen from ahead
    ● Mine Clearance probably more than 50m, seen from ahead
    ● RAM seen from starboard side
    ● Towing <50m tow up to 200m seen from the port side
    ● CBD probably more than 50m seen from port side
    ● PDV at anchor
    If I wasn’t sure about the question or didn’t understand what he was looking for in an answer,
    he would patiently reword the question which allowed me to perceive it in a different way,
    aiding my answer. The examiner would add to question scenarios by linking in experiences
    of his own.

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