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    Chief Mates Unlimited
    Examiner Steve v Tony Estibeiro
    Started 15.00 finished 16.45
    Ship type: Self-propelled Jackup
    On teams, I was in a hotel in Inverness ready to join ship and he was in Plymouth.
    Very pleasant examiner, he also had someone shadowing him. Put me at ease by chatting about why I was in a hotel and the background about joining my vessel due to COVID testing.
    Started with putting me as a Captain on a 3000T bulk carrier, what advice would you give your 3rd mate regarding the voyage, Navtex (couldn’t remember the frequency but told him I would get info from ALRS Vol 5, was happy enough) what channels would you select and what you can’t deselect.
    What precautions and what info I would need as a master doing an ocean passage from a 3rd/2nd officer?
    This question threw me. On what certificate I would find Max Persons I could carry onboard? (Sewage and safety equipment certificate which tells you the max number of persons, still not sure didn’t want to ask too many questions as he had told me I had passed. Told him I would look into it when I joined vessel)
    Gyro what advice I would give 3rd mate. Speed and Latitude error and corrections. Asked me how many Gyros we carried and did I every have to do it? I said no as we have 3 gyros and 1 fiberoptic and we would get it serviced from shore side every year, he was happy with that.
    Asked me about Ice and what precautions I would take before sending crew out to clear ice?
    How I would go about anchoring? I didn’t mention tide, something to keep in mind.
    How I would go about getting towed by a tug and how I would pass the chain down to the Tug to get towed, told him how I would go about hanging an anchor off and passing the chain down to the tug was happy enough with the answer.
    Asked about coal and what information I would look for and precautions. Before he asked me this question, he said he was going to put me out my comfort zone as I’ve never worked on a bulk carrier. I gave him a textbook answer and he was happy with it. Added some more point about safety and he moved on. Everything thing to do with stability and max cargo to load.
    Accidents on British ships and who to report to and on what instances I would report to MAIB?
    Permit to work system, told him all about my ship was very happy.
    Items to be checked during a load line cert, he was looking for Condition of assignment as soon as I said that he was happy.
    He asked about angle of Loll and I rattled off some stuff was happy enough with the answer.
    Everything about garbage record book, and how I would go about controlling it and the new amendments. He said the cook along with 3rd engineer put cooking oil in the bilges how would I got about it.
    Then we did situations region B preferred channel and radar plotting. Situation on his shared screen, it’s like the one on e-sailor. CBD and RAM, CBD and Trawler, and a few more, can’t remember. I started going on about rule 18 and he was happy enough and moved on.
    Enclosed space entry and how I would go about it. Told him everything I do on board and he was more than happy, to move on.
    He asked me about stowaways and how I would go about it, as they were already onboard. Told him about our SSP and how that would need to get reviewed.
    Ship specific asked how I would go about changing the wires on the crane. He had already researched my ship so knew exactly the dimensions and weight of the carne. He was well clued up on what my ship could do and wanted to know if I knew.
    Asked my about the stability onboard my vessel and what info I would give him.
    Talked about hours of work and rest, and how does it apply.
    3rd mate comes to the bridge sozzled what would I do. Went through Merchant Navy code of conduct. Definitely something to look into more indetail..
    Dry docking and everything to do with stability.
    There’s a lot more bits and pieces he asked me which I can’t remember now as I didn’t write it down. The examiner was very professional, and I am not just saying that because he passed me, he said I gave him answers outside the box from experience and commonsense. HIS WORDS NOT MINE.

    ALL the very best to everyone going for their Orals.

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