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    esailor Team

    Donald Macleod
    Masters Unlimited
    Examiner: M Gardner
    Time: 1 hour
    Result: Pass

    My exam was at 0930, I went online at 0915 and was immediately brought into the exam. He introduced himself, and after a bit of small talk he asked for a scan of the room no headphones etc, the exam began. After taking account of my experience, which is passenger ships, he told me to answer as if I was Master on a Container Vessel.

    1. Talk me through a running moor, when would you use it, advantages etc.
    2. When would you use a standing moor instead of a running moor?
    3. Bosun working overside with no harness, SMS doesn’t state one is needed, actions.
    4. ISM audit preparations.
    5. Details of observations, non conformance, major non conformance with examples.
    6. Can you sail with a major non conformance?
    7. Helmsman reports steering sluggish, actions? Engineers check and its fine, actions?
    8. Vessel aground, particular detail on who to contact and information to give them.
    9. How do you arrange a tow?
    10. Talk me through your actions for a death onboard
    11. What would you do if you found an undeclared DG in a container?
    12. What is ACS?
    13. What certificates are still issued by the MCA under ACS?
    14. How do you know a Registered Authority is authorised to carry out surveys under the ACS scheme?
    15. What are the entry requirements for ACS?
    16. What is the difference between ACS and EAS? Didn’t want too much detail on this
    17. Talk me through Masters weekly inspection, what are you looking for?
    18. Signing on crew
    19. Can you sign on foreign crew? (not officers)
    20. Process for CeCs
    21. Tell me about the Seafarers employment agreement
    22. What is the collective bargaining agreement with regards to SEA?
    23. What are the HOR for young people?
    24. What are all the certificates issued under MARPOL?
    25. What is surveyed for issue of IOPP certificate
    26. What is in form A of IOPP?
    27. Form B of IOPP?
    28. Sailing from Liverpool to New York, what are the voyage considerations for the Chief Engineer and Chief Officer specifically?
    29. How would you prepare crew for ice?
    30. Ship preparations for ice?
    31. How would you get warnings for ice?

    Rule of the Road.

    Quite a bit of talking questions as opposed to situations,
    • Tell me rule 6
    • Tell me rule 19
    • Explain Rule 8
    • Explain Rule 7
    • What rules apply in restricted vis
    • Explain rule 2.
    • Describe to me all the light a vessel that a tug and tow will have when the vessel is under 50m in length and the tow is greater than 200m

    • FV with gear extending more than 150m crossing on port side, what size is the shape for outlying gear?
    • CBD overtaking you on starboard quarter
    • RAM towing with 200m tow crossing on starboard side.

    Then onto buoyage, 6/7 buoys but nothing out of the ordinary.

    Captain Gardner then asked me to confirm that his questioning was in line with the syllabus and went over a few of my answers, then told me he was going to put me out of my misery and told me I had passed.

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