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    Examiner: JAMES GILBERT
    MCA Office: PLYMOUTH
    Date: 4th February 2021
    1 hour 15 mins

    First of all, Capt Gilbert went through the housekeeping rules and explained how the exam would work. He was also being invigilated throughout, so there was another person muted on the call. He introduced himself and his background and we chatted about lockdown. I then introduced myself and my experience (on large yachts). He asked me about my cadetship and just wanted to get an overall picture of my career. He put me at ease by starting me on my current yacht.

    1. New Bosun joining. Talk me through how you would introduce him onboard as his head of department. I talked though his certificates and safety induction etc
    2. You mentioned the SMS. What is in it?
    3. What’s the master’s overriding authority?
    4. What is ISM? What are the objectives?
    5. What certificates would you expect the Bosun to have? Edh, Nav Watchkeeping, STCW
    6. What is in the OLB? What is in the narrative section?
    7. What else will the bosun have before joining?
    8. What’s in the SEA?
    9. Where does the SEA come from?
    10. You’ve just joined a bulk carrier and you are going into dry dock next week. How would you prepare? Repair list, documents, stability
    11. Talk me through dry docking.
    12. You have a 17 year old cadet joining in dry dock. What are your concerns? HOR and dangerous work.
    13. Bosun wants to repair the aft mast headlight (in dry dock). What is your response?
    14. What is a risk assessment?
    15. What is a permit to work?
    16. Screen shared – synoptic chart. Talked through the area of low pressure, wind direction, wind force, sea condition.
    17. Planning a voyage across the Atlantic. What wx would you be wary of? TRS
    18. Before sailing I am loading iron ore. What are the hazards with regard to stability? He was after the shear forces and bending moments
    19. What would you check before sailing? I mentioned checking final drafts, loadline zones etc but has was after checking PP for UKC.
    20. What would you prepare before a loadline survey?
    21. I can’t remember the next question exactly… but he was looking for “condition of assignment”.
    22. I’m now on a containership as Master. Talk through the MPX.
    23. You are about to depart the dock but there is 35kts of wind. Would you proceed? I said to wait until the weather improved. He said I can’t wait so I was unsure whether to use my master’s overriding authority. I explained my concerns with the large windage area on a container ship and requested 2 x tugs.
    24. You’re chief mate again on the containership and you’re up fwd. You’ve made fast to the tug. What are the hazards?
    25. How would you know the pilot ladder is safe? What is the certificate? He was after safety Eq and manufacturers certificate.
    26. You are now in the TSS between dover and Calais with the usual busy traffic. The engineers report there is a fire in the engine room. Action? He was looking to see if I would handover the con or be on scene as chief officer. So I explained I would recommend to the Captain to send the 2/O as on scene as I had the best situational awareness.
    27. Then asked me about the different methods of sending a mayday.
    28. Two new cruise ships laid up – what will they need to check when they first launch? Magnetic compass. Tentative error. How do you correct it?
    29. What Marpol certificates do you have on your yacht?
    30. What equipment do you have for Marpol annex 1?

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