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    EOOW Online Oral Exam 29/09/2020
    Candidate: Marc McGhee
    Result: Pass – 1 Hour
    Examiner: M.Greenwood

    • What type of ship and engines did you have?
    • Showed me a diagram of a 4-stroke and 2-stroke engine cross sections and got me to name different parts.
    • What is the function of a stuffing box?
    • How does an exhaust valve operate on a 2-stroke engine?
    • Showed me a diagram of a 2-stroke timing diagram, asked me to name degrees angles.
    • Showed me a diagram of the JCW system, asked me to name all the components.
    • What would cause the JCW temperature to increase?
    • What would you do if both boiler gauge glasses showed no water in them?
    • What are the boiler mountings?
    • What boiler tests do you do?
    • How would sea water get into the boiler?
    • How would get rid of impurities in the boiler? (Boiler Blowdown)
    • What would you do if the OMD activates?
    • How does the OMD work?
    • What causes oil mist in the crankcase?
    • What is the function of a crankcase explosion door?
    • What is gauze used for in an explosion door?
    • 1-hour departure notice.
    • Steering gear test.
    • How to safely isolate a sewage pump motor?
    • How to prove dead on the motor?
    • How to conduct an insulation test and continuity test?
    • What is an earth fault?
    • How to find an earth fault?
    • What is the difference between a HV earth fault and a low voltage earth fault?
    • What is Marpol and the different annexes?
    • What is the oil discharging requirements?
    • What is the sewage discharging requirements?
    • How do we follow annex 6? (Scrubber and Low sulphur fuel)
    • What is a scrubber?
    • What are the SOx limits for worldwide and in ECAs?
    • Fire in engine room, what do you do?
    • What firefighting equipment do you have in the engine room?
    • What extinguishers would you use for class A and B fires?
    • What are the advantages of using Hi-Fog over CO2?

    He then said I had passed, and they would send out my NoE within about an hour

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