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    esailor Team

    GMA Candidate PASS Liverpool 30.05.18
    after brief description of the vessels I sailed with he started questions. the whole exam took about 45 minutes
    talk to me through your taking over of the watch routine.
    what are you looking for in the funnel at night time?
    what are the safeties on main air compressor?
    final stage safety valve is blowing, why?
    describe the air dryer
    why oil/moisture is harmful in air lines?
    what are safeties on main air bottle?
    what are safeties on main engine starting line manifold?
    what could indicate leaking starting air valve?
    high temp expansion tank is bubbling heavily, why?
    what could cause liner crack?
    how to confirm that liner is cracked without opening cylinder?
    Piston cooling oil on cylinder have very high outlet temperature why?
    how is the main engine oil is piped inside the engine?what is most loaded bearing in main engine?
    what could happen if it overheats?
    describe the OMD, and it’s consequences to be taken in OMD alarm
    how can you transfer engine control to bridge?
    describe your fresh water generatorwhat treatment do you have for drinking water?
    what is built up crankshaft, and what are disadvantages of such assembly?
    how would you blow down a gauge glass?
    what do you do at case of oil inside hot well?
    how to find out where is this fault?
    what treatment do you have for boiler water?
    what could happen in ph too high, too low?
    how is boiler is arrange to serve IG generation?
    describe the IG plant and it’s safeties
    talk to me through synchronising of two generators
    what if you found two generators that are synchronised but not sharing load equally? (droop)
    what safeties on generator engine?
    what is the bedplate is made off?
    what is the difference between steel and cast iron
    what safeties on alternator and switch board?
    what is reverse power tripping devise principle of operation?
    what machinery could be taken off load at preferential trip?
    how can you find earth fault?
    ETO is found shocked working on the switch board, what is your action?
    what is neutral earth, and insulated earth?
    describe you oil water separator, and how it prevent discharge of oily water overboard?
    what should you do in case of flooding?
    why centrifugal pumps are used for such duty?
    what is ORB, and how can you make entries?
    describe bunkering operation, with me in charge describe your refrigeration plant
    compressor taking too long to achieve room temperature why?
    why fire line valves are placed on deck?
    describe your emergency fire pumpis is it the only pump to be used to pressurise fire line?
    describe your sprinkler systemif fresh water tanks are exhausted,
    how can you keep sprinkler system operational?
    discribe low expansion foam system, how can it be used to put off fire on deck?
    what are the certificates under ISM?
    and what are the renewal intervals?
    what other certificates the vessel carries? (he stopped me as soon as I said IAPP)
    what information is present in NOx certificate.
    what are the 3 M notices.
    what is the difference
    who is you DPA?
    what is special about DPA? (he was expecting me say, that he can talk directly to top manager)
    what is COSWP?
    maintenance is to be carried on a steam heater inside bunker tank, how do plan this job? (he was looking for enclosed space entry only)
    prepare cargo pumping system for operation (steam plant)?
    why is important to warm up before?
    i answered 3 questions wrong, he mentioned that I should be prepare for them for 2nd ticket. and he said he has enough to pass me.

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