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    1. Details about my ships engines and Azipods.
    2. Taking over the watch.
    3. Bilge alarm sounds, what are your actions?
    4. How to pump bilge through OWS?
    5. What type of pump is the bilge pump?
    6. What is recorded in the ORB?
    7. Operation of OWS.
    8. Bilge level not going down whilst pump is running, why?
    9. Fire alarm sounds, what are your actions?
    10. New guy on the fire team, what checks should you make sure he does for his BA?
    11. What are the fixed firefighting systems onboard?
    12. What boiler water tests are done and why?
    13. What chemicals do we use to treat the water?
    14. What does Hydrazine control and how do we know how to use this chemical safely?
    15. Boiler gauge glass blowdown.
    16. You’re in the Azipod room, what are your normal checks?
    17. There is strange vibrations in the Azipod room, what do you think the reason for this could be?
    18. We are expecting rough weather, what precautions should be made?
    19. How to start the M/E after a long shutdown for maintenance?
    20. Fuel changeover procedure.
    21. What could cause the Oil Mist indicator to activate and shutdown the M/E?
    22. How do we inspect the engine after this?
    23. High exhaust temperature, why and what are your actions?
    24. Why do engines have turbochargers?
    25. What are the general checks for turbochargers whilst they are running?
    26. An inspector is onboard to look at the WT doors. What do you show him?
    27. LO level in the sump is increasing quickly. What could the reason be for this?
    28. How to start the purifier after maintenance?

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