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    Exam Questions

    Types of ships, engines onboard, how much sea time. Types of watches on board
    1. On and off procedure of USM
    2. Bilge alarms and pumping
    3. Bilge Flood Alarm
    4. OWS operation and legislation
    5. Starting up generator
    6. Paralleling generator and taking generator off load.
    7. Safeties when taking off a generator
    8. Switch board safeties
    9. Emergency generator, when it operates, how to test, when tested
    10. What is run by emergency generator
    11. Preferential trips how they work? Groupings?
    12. Electrical safe isolation
    13. Steering gear checks
    14. Steering gear Alarms, safety devices
    15. Testing emergency steering gear
    16. Sewage, how it works and important things for correct running
    17. Sewage dangerous gases
    18. Legislation with sewage plant
    19. Bunkering Procedure
    20. Entering an enclosed space
    21. Rescuing someone from an enclosed space
    22. Boiler water tests and why needed
    23. Boiler start up
    24. Boiler safety devices and alarms
    25. Boiler automatic shut down Reasons
    26. Starting air Main engine fire, causes how to extinguish
    27. Air Line safety devices
    28. Compressor safety devices and alarms
    29. OMD what is it, how it works and types
    30. How are hot spots caused
    31. Procedure when OMD actives
    32. What is a crankcase inspection how it is carried out.
    33. What is a explosion door
    34. Fire in Engine room procedure
    35. Types of fixed fighting equipment, what I had on board
    36. CO2 activation
    37. After CO2 activated procedure
    38. Emergency fire pumps locations how they operate.

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