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    Oral exam: James Muir
    Time: 1 hour
    1. Introduction, type of ship etc.
    2. How would you takeover a watch?
    3. How would you run up and parallel a generator?
    4. What are the safeties on the generator?
    5. What are the safeties on the MSB?
    6. Explain preferential trip
    7. Explain undervoltage
    8. Is there any other ways to power the ship? (emergency generator)
    9. How would you test the emergency generator?
    10. What other means of power is there if the ship blacked out and the standby and emergency generators didn’t start? (batteries)
    11. What equipment in powered by batteries?
    12. What is powered by the emergency generator?
    13. Did you have a boiler on board?
    14. What are the safeties on the boiler?
    15. What sort of routine maintenance was done on the boiler?
    16. What boiler water tests are there?
    17. Explain boiler blowdown
    18. How often would you do boiler blowdown?
    19. Explain Flame failure, why does this happen?
    20. What does Flame failure trip do? (he was specifically looking for cut off the fuel supply)
    21. What type of steering gear did you have?
    22. Bridge phones and says they have lost control of steering what do you do?
    23. How do you operate the emergency steering gear?
    24. What sort of trips are there on the main engine?
    25. What safeties are on the main engine?
    26. How does an Oil mist detector work?
    27. What safeties are in place for a crankcase explosion?
    28. How does an explosion door work?
    29. What protection is there from a starting air line explosion?
    30. What safeties are on an air compressor?
    31. What would you do if there was a bilge alarm?
    32. How would you pump the bilge?
    33. What would you do with the water in the bilge holding tank?
    34. How do you operate the OWS?
    35. What are the requirements to pump bilge over board?
    36. What would you do if the engine room started flooding?
    37. Which pump would you use?
    38. How would you enter an enclosed space?
    39. What safety equipment is used?
    40. What equipment would the people going in have with them?
    41. What is the Job of the lookout?
    42. If you were the lookout and something wasn’t right what would you do?
    43. What fixed firefighting systems did you have?
    44. How does the Hi-Fog system operate?
    45. What type of water is used for hi-fog?
    46. Where would you store this water?
    47. How did you generate Fresh water on board?
    48. How does the FWG work?
    49. Is the water safe to drink straight after?
    50. What do you need to do to the water?
    51. Which chemical do you use to sterilize the FWG water?
    52. What is the procedure before operating CO2 firefighting?
    53. How would you operate CO2 firefighting?
    54. What is the purpose of the time delay unit?
    55. What would you do if there was an oil spill on deck?
    56. Explain SOPEP
    57. What equipment would be in sopep locker?
    58. What would you do if there was a lot of oil on deck? (Diaphragm pump)
    59. Where would you pump this oil? (Slop tank, but that is tanker specific)
    He then said ok we’ve covered everything that’s a pass.

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