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    esailor Team

    (GMA Candidate –passed)
    Date : 18th July 2017
    Location : South Shields
    Duration : Approx 1hr and 30min

    80. Describe your last vessel.
    81. What type of main engine did you have?
    82. 1 hour departure notice has been given. What is the procedure to prepare the ER?
    83. How to start up and parallel the generator manually?
    84. How to manually load share between running generator and incoming generator? (load sharing)
    85. What happens if synchro scope needle is turning anti clockwise and how to adjust the direction of needle?
    86. What is motoring, its causes and effect?
    87. Where all does the emergency generator switchboard supply power to?
    88. Safety trips on MSB?
    89. Safety trips on Generator switchboard? (preferential trip, under voltage, etc.)
    90. What is preferential trip?
    91. How to take insulation resistance of motor?
    92. What equipment will you use and what is the minimum resistance value?
    93. How to detect location of earth fault?
    94. Steering gear checks?
    95. What is special about the steering gear motor?
    96. Draw the JCW system and explain.
    97. Function of the expansion tank?
    98. Main engine JCW temperature is too high, what could be the cause?
    99. How to check to see if the JCW cooler tubes are blocked or not?
    100. How do we know that the 3-way valve in the JCW system is not functioning correctly?
    101. What are the types of pumps on board?
    102. Characteristics of centrifugal and positive displacement pump and where are they commonly used?
    103. What are the causes of scavenge fire?
    104. What to do in the event of small scavenge fire?
    105. What to do in the event of an uncontrollable scavenge fire?
    106. Enclosed space entry procedure.
    107. Who takes the O2 readings?
    108. What other readings are taken to ensure safety?
    109. What will you ensure to take with you when entering the enclosed space?
    110. Boiler flame failure alarm has been activated, what could be the cause and what are the checks to be carried out?
    111. OMD has sounded an alarm, what are your actions?
    Fire has started in the paint locker, what are your action?

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