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    ORAL EXAM (GMA Candidate –passed)
    Date : 26th Sept 2017
    Location : South Shields
    Duration : Approx 1hr and 30min

    51. you are taking rounds in the engine room , what will you check on purifier.
    52. Purifier safeties
    53. Bowl is dirty how will you know
    54. Bilge pump type and why
    55. Bilge pump not taking suction what are the reasons
    56. What is difference between suction gauge and pressure gauge
    57. Ows regulations
    58. Start generator and parallel it manually
    59. Synchroscope needle is anti clockwise how will you fix the problem
    60. After closing breaker one of the generator frequency is dropping what will be reason
    61. What is reverse power trip
    62. Msb safeties
    63. What is preferential trip
    64. Boiler water low level actions
    65. Start boiler from cold
    66. What are different steering gear tests
    67. Taking over emergency steering gear procedures
    68. Steering gear safeties
    69. Economiser temperature is very high and sparks from funnel reason
    70. What will cause an economiser fire
    71. What action in case of economiser fire
    72. What is dangers of economiser fire
    73. What is hydrogen fire
    74. Turbocharger is surging and exhaust temp is very high reasons and actions
    75. How will you cut off fuel from one unit of the engine
    76. How would you find an earth fault
    77. How do you do an insulation test
    78. Minimum amount of insulation test
    79. Enclosed space entry procedure

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