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    ORAL EXAM (GMA Candidate –passed)
    Date : 21st Sept 2017
    Location : South Shields
    Duration : Approx 1hr and 30min

    23. Show Discharge Book. TRB. Describe your last vessel.
    24. What type of Ships have you sailed on?
    25. 1 hour departure notice has been given. What is the procedure to prepare the ER?
    26. Steering gear tests.
    27. Steering gear alarms
    28. Procedure for emergency steering
    29. Cylinder liner cracked. Cause and effect
    30. Draw simple JCW system
    31. Expansion tank purpose and why is it located at height.
    32. Starting air safeties
    33. How fire will go from combustion system to starting air line
    34. Start generator from cold
    35. Generator synchronizing procedure.
    36. Safety on generator and MSB
    37. What is preferential trip and reverse power.
    38. How to test reverse power
    39. Types of pumps
    40. Difference between centrifugal pump and positive displacement pump
    41. Type of bilge pump
    42. Mountings of the pump like pressure gauges etc
    43. Bilge pump not taking suction how will you know
    44. Boiler water low level how will you know causes and action
    45. How to test earth fault and how to know location
    46. Insulation test how to do it
    47. Minimum value of insulation
    48. Minimum current to electric shock
    49. Relation between current voltage and resistance
    50. Paint locker fire. Actions.

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