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    ORAL EXAM (GMA Candidate –passed)
    Date : 18th Sept 2017
    Location : South Shields
    Duration : Approx 1hr and 30min

    1. Show Discharge Book. TRB.Describe your last vessel.
    2. What type of Ships have you sailed on?
    3. Procedure for going UMS.
    4. 1 hour departure notice has been given. What is the procedure to prepare the ER?
    5. Why do you start the engine on air with indicator cock open?
    6. Does the engine turn if the indicator cock is closed?
    7. Steering gear tests.
    8. How to test emergency generator?
    9. Generator synchronizing procedure.
    10. Safety on generator and MSB
    11. What is preferential trip and reverse power.
    12. How to test reverse power
    13. How to find earth fault
    14. Boiler safety.
    15. How to test flame eye trip
    16. Air starting system safety.
    17. Enter enclosed space and procedure
    18. How to test BA app
    19. What about your bilge system
    20. What is in your oil record book
    21. Oil spill while bunkering what is your action
    22. To which tanks will you transfer spilt oil and which pump

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