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    esailor Team

    GMA candidate passed
    The question I was asked (not necessarily in order)
    1.What vessels have sailed on?
    2.You are going to UMS take me through what you would do?
    3.How to start a generator manually?
    4. How to parallel generators and take one off load?
    5. Generator and msb safeties?
    6. What will happen in preferential trip?
    7. What will happen if both preferential trips happen and main generator can’t take the load? (overload trip, emergency generator would start)
    8. Talk to me about your emergency generator.
    9. How would you test and how would you test it on load? (I was hesitant to say isolating esb from msb as I don’t recall doing it myself but it’s how it should be done and I said it anyways he was happy)
    10. Give me examples of machinery supplied by emergency generator.
    11. Pre departure, how to conduct steering test?
    12. What alarms are there?
    13. How can you do emergency steering?
    14. For the UMS, you mentioned doors. What kind of doors could be left open? (doors that close automatically in case of fire)
    15. Tell me about the the boilers you had and their safeties.
    16. What alarms does the boiler have?
    17. Why would you do a boiler blow down?
    18. What tests did you carry out for boiler water?
    19. What routines did you do to the bilges?
    20. When and how can you pump bilge water overboard?
    21. What would happen if the oil content was more than 15 ppm?
    22. Would you ever consider pumping bilges not through OWS? (only serious emergencies like flooding)
    23. How would you do that in case of flooding?
    24. What does an OMD do?
    25. What are the reasons of oil mist in crankcase?
    26. What safeties are there on crankcase?
    27. You mentioned draining air bottles prior to starting generator. Why would you do that?
    28. What contaminants might you have with compressed air?
    29. Why don’t you want water in your line?
    30. Why don’t you want oil in your line?
    31. What safeties have you got on starting air line?
    32. Talk to me about your sewage treatment plant.
    33. How can you pump sewage overboard?
    34. Sewage air blowers not working, what would happen and what would you do? (I said start the other one. I mentioned smell and he was looking for H2S)
    35. Procedure for entry into enclosed spaces.
    36. Are there any other gasses we measure apart from Oxygen?
    37. What does a sentry do?
    38. What equipment would you have on stby?
    39. People inside are not responding on radio, what would you do?
    40. BA checks?
    41. What fixed fire fighting systems did you have?
    42. Describe your high expansion foam system.
    43. Was there another CO2 system apart from ECR?
    44. How to operate CO2 system?
    45. Describe your hi fog system.

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