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    esailor Team

    (GMA Candidate –passed)
    Date : 20th March 2018
    Location : South Shields
    Duration : Approx 1 hr

    1. start the generator and synchronize it ?
    2. What You check after synchronizing ?
    3. What if the needle is running in anti-clockwise?
    4. what if the generator can’t take the load what will happen ( overload trip, Emergency generator will start )
    5. if the load is not shared equally, what could be the problem ?
    6. how the load can be shared manually ?
    7. what is power management system?
    8. what is AVR ?
    9. How does it work ?
    10. how the voltage can be maintained on 440V ?
    11. how will you fix AVR if it’s not functioning correctly?
    12. if the prime mover failed what could be the reason and what will happen?
    13. MSB safety devices?
    14. What is reverse power trip?
    15. What is the danger of reverse
    power trip?
    16. What is motoring and its effects?
    17. How can you fix reverse power
    18. What is preferential trip?
    19. You said you’ll turn the engine with Indicator cock open, why would you do that?
    20. what is the danger of water in the cylinder?
    21. what could be the reason for water getting inside the cylinder ?
    22. how else can you know that the liner is cracked?
    23. expansion tank purpose?
    24. why it is located at head?
    25. what is pump priming and why it’s important?
    26. what types of pumps you had onboard?
    27. where can positive displacement pump fitted?
    28. why it’s used on higher viscous fluids?
    29. Bilge alarm is high, how will you deal with this situation? ( He is looking for bilge System and its operation not flooding )
    30. bilge pump failed to deliver the bilges? How will you know and what could be the reasons?
    31. How do you know the strainer filter is blocked?
    32. what will be the pressure if the pump is sucking air ?
    33. if the bridge lost the control for the steering what is your action?
    34. Steering gear checks before sailing ?
    35. how do you check the emergency power supply ?
    36. what is the difference between steering gear motor and other motors in engine room? ( it doesn’t give overload trip but only alarm )
    37. what are the safeties of steering gear ?
    38. What are shutdown trips of any engine ( he is looking for trips that will shout down either main engine or auxiliary engine )
    39. boiler low level alarm activated , what are the dangers of that?
    40. Where the water will escape if it’s leaking from tubes?
    41. How to check if its faulty alarm?
    42. Why would you blow down gauge glass?
    43. How many gauge glasses you had?
    44. Blowdown gauge glass without drawing?
    45. You previously mentioned earth fault, how do you know that you have an earth fault and how to know the exact location of it?
    46. How to do insulation resistance test?(check insulation resistance for phase to phase or phase to earth )
    47. What devices would you use?
    48. What is insulation resistance test?
    49. What is the minimum value of insulation ?
    50. Scavenge temp is high and turbo charger is surging what will be the reasons?
    51. What else could indicate scavenge space fire?
    52) actions for scavenge space fire ?
    53) how to cut the fuel for the affected unit?
    54) enclosed space procedures
    55) If you are in a container ship with 300 meters long and you are away from bridge and you will see that Paint locker has fire how will you rise the alarm? ( can be done through the nearest fire call point alarm )
    56) What is fixed there to extinguish the fire? ( he means fixed fire fighting system )
    57) 5Procedures to release CO2 system for paint locker

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