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    EOOW Oral Exam
    South Shields
    Result: pass
    Date: 20/03/2018

    First he asked for my record book and work book before the exam.

    1.your passport and discharge book.
    2. What ships have you sailed on?
    3. You’re in safety round and you find the blower for sewage plant treatment is not working. What you will do?
    4. What could be the reasons?
    5. How you can check if you have faulty in power supply?
    6. Does the earth fault stop the motor?
    7. Explain continuity test and insulation test?
    8. What is minimum resistance?
    9. What could lead to H2S in sewage?
    10. Draw the sewage plant treatment and explain it?
    11. Start generator and parallel it manually.
    12. How the load is shared?
    13. What is AVR?
    14. Two generator are running and suddenly one generator fault. What will happen?
    15. What is revers power trip?
    16. Why motoring is dangerous for the generator?
    17. What you are controlled by governor?
    18. What will happen for other generator?(see Q 14)
    19. What is preferential trip?
    20. Why do you open indicator cokes during turning gear?
    21. What is the dangerous of water in cylinder?
    22. From where can water enter to cylinder?
    23. Draw JCW system.
    24. Why expansion tank locate at high?
    25. What is priming?
    26. What other type of pumps you have on board?
    27. Where usually positive displacement pump used?
    28. What type of pump for LO ?
    29. You have high JCW temperature . What could be the reasons?
    30. How to check the cooler is working properly or not?
    31. What other reason can lead to high temperature for JCW?(I told him that three way valve-cooler- heater-high load in ME ,but he told me all that’s fine and he keep asking me.he was looking for the answer “block in strainer for CSW pump”
    32. What you will do in case of block in strainer?(use ST BY pump)
    33. Enclosed space procedure.
    34. High exhaust temperature after economiser. What could be the reasons and what is your action?
    35. What the danger of economiser fire?
    36. What is Hydrogen fire?
    37. How to fight Hydrogen fire?
    38. You are going to discharge bilge holding tank. What are the requirements? (Regulations)
    39. Can you discharge in ECA?
    40. What you will write in ORB?
    41. You have power failure alarm in the boiler. What could be the reasons?
    42. What you will do before starting the boiler?
    43. What is “purging “?

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