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    Alexander Dales

    Chief Mate Unlimited/ Master 3000
    Experience: Anchor Handlers/ Seismic Survey/ Chemical Tankers
    Result: Pass
    Examiner: Captain Insan
    Date: 11/08/2021
    Online – Beverley Marine Office

    Started on time – via Microsoft Teams – gave me the rules of the exam and had a brief look around my room with the webcam. Told me I would be sailing as Chief Mate unless he told me otherwise.
    1. Lifeboats – tell me about the 5 knot test, how would you do one in port? (Did not want anything on the dynamic load test). Tell me about the new hook arrangements. Mentioned FPD being no longer necessary unless company policy, mentioned lowering it empty to test the equipment before embarking on any drill.
    2. Lifeboats – why do you weigh a lifeboat? Water ingress into the foam, also preparation for the 5-yearly 110% dynamic load test.
    3. Hong Kong Convention. Wanted to know what documentation a UK ship carries. Part 1 Inventory of Hazardous Materials, Certificate of Inventory, and Statement of Compliance. Talked about Final Survey, completing Part 2 and 3 before turning the vessel over to the breaker’s yard for them to produce the Ship Recycling Plan.
    4. SOLAS-MED and what is happening to that? Talked about the transition period having started between end of SOLAS-MED and start of UKCA system, transition period ends 1/1/2023
    5. Anchoring – take charge of the anchor party and go forward. Whole RA – TBT – briefing from the old man about what he wants before you leave the bridge – sort your comms – what information is the old man wanting – weight and lead – walk out – brought up.
    6. Anchoring – Chief Mate: last man off the forecastle – what do you check?
    7. Anchoring – picking up you have a foul anchor, what’s next? What is it, is it a pipe or a cable or just trash. Immediate action try shake it off if junk. If it’s a cable, stop, inform your nearest port VTS, request advice and tug assistance, if its uncharted SOLAS V requirement to report a hazard to navigation. What format? Use the Hydrographic Note in the Mariners’ Handbook or the Weekly Notices to Mariners, send to UKHO and coast state.
    8. Enhanced Survey – tell me about this? SOLAS XII, ship’s structures. Your hold is damaged – what’s next?
    9. Dry Docking – explain P-force
    10. Preparations and actions on leaving drydock?
    11. Ballast Water – D-1 – when can you not do an exchange?
    12. Ballast Water – when does D-2 become compulsory?
    13. Enclosed Space Tank Inspection – full process on a newly painted ballast tank – day before RA process, start ventilation, manual handling and PUWER for taking off the manhole using tools, atmosphere testing, planning an enclosed space rescue, LOTO for the ballast system
    14. Enclosed Space Rescue drill frequency
    15. Distress – you receive message on 2187.5kHz, what are your actions? As per IAMSAR 3 and GMDSS, listen for five minutes on 2182kHz, no response from MRCC, reply on voice. Manoeuvre to assist, determine Most Probable Position to find search pattern datum. Contact MRCC and be ready to take on duties of OSC. Select search pattern – mentioned Expanded Square and Sector Search. Request additional search units, if unavailable be prepared to search alone until released. OLB and GMDSS log for actions.
    16. ECDIS running Raster Charts – what do you need to do?
    Just two:
    1) Emergency Wreck Marking Buoy – what is it, what does it flash?
    2) Heading South and you see a West Cardinal Mark roughly 4 points to port and an East Cardinal 4 points to starboard, actions?
    1) You are PDV following TSS, another PDV on port bow crossing. Actions and why? 15 & 10
    2) Vessel aground right ahead – daylight, actions and why? Stop, go back the way you came, check your chart. Offer assistance as per SOLAS V/33.
    3) Towing PDV port bow crossing, tow exceeds 200m – actions and why? 15, mentioned 17c
    4) PDV in Narrow Channel, impeded by FV – actions and why? 9 trumps 18
    Restricted visibility:
    Radar plot: steering 000º(T), start the plot, continue the plot, complete the plot. Overtaking situation as per Rule 19d, action, played safe with Bold Starboard, mentioned Rule 8b and monitoring until past and clear. Mentioned Rule 19c to show I knew Rules 4-10 continue to apply.
    Follow up: you’re 3 miles off the vessel you’re overtaking and hear a fog signal apparently forward of the beam. Rattled off Rule 19e and mentioned the range of sound signals. Stopped. Called Master. Sent lookouts on to the forecastle. Changed sound signal to PDV stopped and increased frequency.

    Completed my NoE with screenshare, asked me what my next plans are.

    Thanks to Vinal, Shayne, Jordan, Martin and Gregor – you don’t get through this without people to work with.

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