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    Orals Report
    Masters Unlimited
    Kaiser Ali
    1hr 20Mins
    Background – cruise ships and yachts
    We spoke quite a lot in the beginning about my experience, he seemed keen to hear I had not just worked
    on yachts. Asked what my plans were for the future. And then how covid was impacting the industry.
    ISM – Masters Responsibilities – PMCVR
    Why is it a good idea to review?
    All certification
    Duties of the SSO
    When to exchange a DoS
    SSP contents and who can see what
    Safety Officer
    What advice would you give to your brand new chief officer taking over as safety officer.
    What would he do before issuing a permit to work
    Structure of the safety meeting – how would you advise him to conduct his first meeting.
    All statutory certificates- a few explain its validity.
    Voyage plan Monaco to Fort Lauderdale
    All departure preparations
    Advice to 2nd mate for passage planning
    100 miles off Lisbon you are experiencing force 10 winds actions.
    Chef has decided not to follow your guidance and was frying – badly burned
    This led onto arranging a medivac
    Preparations for heli ops
    Comms with the helicopter
    Disciplinary and dismissal of the chef
    MCA dispensation for sailing short – questions on SMD
    Who would you be obliged to inform
    How would you prepare the vessel for an MLC survey?
    All documentation required
    Then I stated talking through the 14 points got to 8/9 and he stopped.
    Tell me all about the complaint’s procedure under MLC
    MARPOL –
    Annex 1 certification – ORB – FORM A – Discharge Criteria – SOPEP
    Annex 4 certification
    Annex 5 Certification – how would you know that its being implemented onboard – what can you
    discharge in a special area
    Annex 6 Certification – Sox + Nox – ECA
    What is your understanding of PSC?
    Mca doing inspection on uk flagged vessel as port state.
    Rules + Buoyage – this is where it all went a Little wrong with technology. Rules was nothing like we had
    ever practised. His screen sharing wouldn’t work so just started asking questions.
    Rule 19
    Explain safe speed
    What can you not do in restricted visibility
    Explain part e in your own words
    You are in or near an area of restricted vis what would you expect you OOW to have done.
    We then had some success with the power point – the whole way throughout the ordeal vinyls voice was
    in my head ‘just keep telling him it’s not working’
    But I owned up and said it was working
    Buoyage – for all buoys – lights and what they mean – some he gave a course and your inbound/outbound
    North Cardinal
    Em. Wreck Buoy
    South cardingal
    IALA b can pref to stbd inbound outbound 2nd to pref
    Some RADAR plots – it was a radar screen that went around 3 times. Each sweep produces another ‘dot’ I
    double checked everything with him as I hadn’t seen it done like this before – clarified exactly what I was
    looking at. I spoke through all the targets
    On a CBD – RAM on the port side
    There were some lights and shapes. Pretty sure we went through all possible combinations as we were just
    chatting through the lights he asked the following:
    • Colours of lights
    • Arcs of Visibility
    • Day Shapes – mention they are black
    • Sound signals – asked meaning of U and L I mixed them up then corrected myself.
    We spent probably 5-10 minutes just chatting through the different combinations
    Search and rescue
    Explain a sectored search
    Your sleeping and the 2/0 called you up sighting a red flare – I was primed and ready to hit him with a
    submarine in distress – one of the MFP’s. but he asked what all distresses I would send – mayday relay.
    Then the magic words – with those two words ‘mayday relay’ it’s a pass!
    We spoke for a while after just about Glasgow.

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