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    esailor Team

    Karen Mc Cartney-Clarke,
    December 2020.
    As usual Started with normal online procedure for online examination on slide, went through rules.
    Then Started with Exams,
    Bouys : Heading SE and Seeing West Cardinal Action (SLOW DOWN DO RA CHECK Charts Echo Sounder).
    Region A Starboard Hand Lateral Mark.
    Outbound Preferred Channel Mark Region A.
    ROR :
    Open Sea PDV Crossing From Port,
    TSS FV on Starboard Side (Impeding) and Port Side PDV Crossing (Give Way),
    TSS Own Vsl Crossing Lane and PDV on STBD,
    Narrow Channel Container VSl on Stbd Side of Lane Seen From Astern and FV on Port Crossing and own Vessel Overtaking Action, Responsibilites and Action(Slow Down),
    then FV Cleared you have to overtake how would you do that, wanted to listen Basically the Interaction and Overtaking, and Why we have suction and what is bow cushion effect and squat.
    Radar Plotting Target A Starboard Side Crossing and Target B port side overtaking and responsibity of all targets were discussed in details and finally my action SLOW DOWN.
    As a Master How would you check if your New Joined 3/O is Keeping a Proper Navigational Watch.
    What Check Will you do wrt to ECDIS, GPS and RADAR how would you know its properly Tuned.
    then came Synoptic Chart,
    Own Position Near the Anticylone and another position near the depression and Occluded Front Weather Condition,
    then What is the Stress involved talked about all the Stresses Racking, Panting, Pounding, Torsion, Rolling and Pitching and Yawning.
    then she asked what is Bending Moment (hogging and sagging).
    Own Vessel in Heavy weather how would you Navigate and Action then Came you Lost 7 Containers out of Which 2 were DG Action and Whom would you contact (talked of Master Obligatary Reporting SOLAS Ch5 Req 31-32 and Ship in Vicinity and Competent Authority which i just said we could do with simple plain paper reporting but later added our company has special reporting form in SMS w.r.t Later Gyro Failed. (Emergency).
    Vessel Arriving Southampton in 2 Days Stoways onboard, Whom Would you Contact and how would you deal with them,
    Notice Requirements For MCA in Case of Stoways Found onboard i said 72 hrs but Since that has passed will inform asap and Just Told her about the PSC requirements like 24-72 Hrs (Wild Guess), Eventually was turned down as it was to do with PSC and for Flag ASAP which i thought i told her then she realised and agreed (may be techinal glitch).
    Cadet Joining what all thing would you do Apart from Signing him onboard, Taked about induction and RA and Also Assigning him a Training Officer and Checking his Progress on Weekly-Monthly Task and Monitor his Progress (Seemed Happy).
    was in a bit thinking orals is coming to and END, there came my biggest night mare (for a person who has never stepped on any ship other then Gas ships), Loading Coal and Checks and Dangers associated with respect to it.
    3 Engg on Board Felt Sick Action ( Talked abt Radio Medical Advise, then Giving Rest, Requesting Dispensation With MCA, managing hours of Work so that his task should not burden anyone else closely monitoring Work and Rest Hours, Arranging For Medical Visit on arrival but probably she wanted to hear something more and after i was dried she said we will come back on this on End, this is were i started to get the felling i lost my Exams).
    You Taking Over Master on UK Gas Ship What All SOLAS Certificate will you check and Then What is COF GAS. (and that was my playing Field and probably my last ball to hit did my best including the requirements from Construction of Tank, Design Pressure of Pipelines and MARVS Requirements, Means For Controlling Excess Pressre Rise and Brief Discussion Contolled and Uncontrolled Ventings) there she seemed Happy and Smiled and Cut me Cross to Say will Discuss Your Result with Another Surveyor Sitting Beside us Monitoring us Both and will get back to You.
    and then She came back within 2 minutes to say MR Singh You Have Met the Requirements then the GOLDEN WORDS its a PASS,
    Talked abt the future plans and Joining back at Sea and process to go abt to get your COC.
    At the End I Would like to thank Mataji and all my Friends and Family especially who stood by me and Big Thanks To Vinil Sir and Shayne Sir.
    and Friendly Advise Dont Delay Your Exams Plan Your Things priortise it and Make Sure you Have NOE + Orals Date before Taking Your Classes.
    All the very best See you all Out at Sea….

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