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    Liverpool – chief mates –

    Fire/safety briefing.
    General introduction of previous vsl type/company/trade.
    Certificates on your last vessel.
    Joining as a CO on container ship together with two Georgian junior officers, what documents you all will hand over to master n expected information to get from previous CO.
    Bulk carrier proceeding to Australia from Singapore to load coal, what will u do as a CO.
    Measure hazard with regards to chemical tanker.
    Draw/explain flammable diagram.
    Ship/shore safety check & information in stowage plan.
    BWE D1&D2 and dangerous related to ballast water exchange.
    Squat and what r reasons of hand steering sluggishness.
    Sign of TRS n actions in different semicircle.
    Parametric/synchronised rolling and actions for this situation.
    Different between Bill of lading n mates receipt.
    Preparation for loadline survey.
    What r intermediate surveys.
    Who will issue ISPS code certificate n how.
    Rest hours for below n above 18yrs people.
    Fire in engine room, actions.
    What will u do if u find a crew member smoking in non smoking area? If you dismissed him n if he goes to union n says that nobody told him about this then how a master will prove this(photo if possible, witnesses & signs in familiarisation checklist n company manual).
    Preparation for DD & surveys in DD.
    Risk assessment for lowering FFLB by davit mean.
    Define major non conformity & it’s examples.
    Explain rules 6 & 19.

    How will you join/cross tss.
    Who can use separation zone.
    Ferry crossing from stbd to port.
    PDV crossing port to stbd after sometime became CBD.
    Towing with RAM crossing port to stbd.
    Mine clearance vsl At anchor & aground vsl seen from port side.
    Westerly course
    Region B stbd hand mark,
    Isolated danger mark,
    North cardinal mark,
    Special bouy stbd hand mark,
    Safe water mark,
    Region B preferred channel to port.
    Two vsls crossing, one at 3point on port-range 4M & one at 3point on stbd-range about 2M,both ROC.
    One vsl 3point on port bow I’m overtaking, one vsl on port quarter overtaking my vsl ROC.

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