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    esailor Team

    GMA candidate passed
    (Easy peasy lemon squeezy)
    1-tell me about your vessel?
    2-procedures for going UMS?
    3-check in steering gear?
    4-safeties if steering gear?
    5- your action in case there is faulty in the tele-motor?
    6- check and safeties of sewage plant?
    7- weird smell what it could be?(h2s) and your action?
    percentage of safe h2s? Always should be zero
    8- you see two or three spark from the funnel why it could be? ( still no fire in the ege)
    9- your action in case of fire in ege ?
    10-how hydrogen fire will happen?
    11-how you will cut the fuel for hydrogen fire? And how you will cut the o2 from economizer?
    12- start the generator from cold?
    13-mechanical safeties in the generator?
    14- MSB safeties?
    15-what is preferential trip?
    16-what is reverse power?
    17- how u can test emergency generator?
    18- what was is test in load?
    19-checks in EMCY /G?
    20-OMD get active your action?
    21-explain the OMD?
    22- air starting system procedures safeties?
    23- why you don’t want water or oil in air starting system? Explain + causes.
    24- compressor safeties and check?
    25- enclose space procedures?
    26-BA checks?
    27- actions if there is faulty in the communication and u can’t communicate with the crew inside enclose space?
    28-big fire in the engine room your action?
    29- most dangerous place after releasing co2?
    30-procedures of entering?
    31-if the master gives u just one hour to extinguish the fire ? Your action and why??
    32- how you ventilate the engine room after releasing co2?
    33- how many fans do u have?
    34- how you will control the fans after co2 release? He means in which direction
    35- where u going to discharge the remaining co2 which accumulated in bilges?

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