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    esailor Team

    GMA Candidate EOOW orals Majeed
    Examiner: Mark Lennon (online) 07/09/21

    1. your a first time joiner to the ship
    2. What are the handover reports , what will you be looking at.
    3. Take over watch and explain to me how to take a safety round what should u be looking for starting from the first top level? Kept asking me questions starting from Boiler
    4. Asked about all the conventions not just the main 4 (load line,etc).
    5. What is STCW
    6. What ISM, SOCREM
    7. Where do you find your job responsibilities on board?
    8. MLC requirements?
    9. Marpol all annexes
    10. Bunkering operation
    11. What is BDN what is consist of (have to say sulphur content)
    12. What is Sox ?
    13. What you use to change type of fuel and when u do that?
    14. What is TBN and what’s the TBN of the Cylinder
    15. LO analysis and what’s is TBN 20
    16. If there is a small fire in the accommodation and you are in ur room with ur normal clothes what would u do? FIND
    17. If Bilge is started to be high level what would happen or what’s going on? Flooding and went with its procedure(don’t forget watertight integrity must say)
    18. How to check water level in boilers? What are the tests mentioned more than 3 ?And how to test it? Mentioned checking on gauge glass and asked me for its procedure
    19. What safeties are in boiler?
    20. Water safeties on boiler?
    21. How is the fuel injected and how does it go to the main engine?
    22. Fuel from bunker to engine?(procedure)
    23. High exhaust on 4 stroke in one unit?
    24. Mentioned power cards as well and clover leafing
    25. Reasons for scavenge fire in two stroke
    26. Crank case and oil mist alarm he mentioned the flashpoint and asked how to lower it
    27. OMD procedure
    28. 1 hour departure notice?
    29. What time of fuel injector in ur ship?
    30. Paralleling generators procedure
    31. Safeties on main switchboard?
    32. What is earth fault?
    33. What is volt and how u manage the volt? AVR
    34. Mentioned Soft starting in a weird way mentioned all and described star delta
    35. At night time UMS is there and was OMD alarm ?
    36. How you the volt is being reduced insulators and then mentioned IR and how it works didn’t go directly to the question
    37. What is reverse power trip
    38. Enclosed space entry
    39. Checks on SCBA and firefighting sets
    40. Bottom end inspection
    41. How the cylinder head is held on its position? Hydraulic screws
    42. Fire Extinguishers types?
    43. We are going into ECA what we do? FOBAS
    44. Operation of purifier? How to clean hfo and then I mentioned differences between puri and clari and purifier procedure
    45. Go through FUEL INJECTOR read it
    46. Changeover from High sulphur to Low
    47. Differences between 2 and 4 stroke(mentioned dedicated cylinder lub system in 2 stroke then asked for its TBN)
    48. What is AVR
    49. Earth fault

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