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    Date: 01/02/2021
    Online exam chief mates unlimited.
    Examiner Malcolm Mackeliar ( Paisley MCA office )
    Total Time taken: 45min. (Passed)
    (Note: I am only including the complete answer which I told since it might miss lead if it’s not right. I am just including what all are the topics I explained him for his
    For each and every questions I explained everything related to that topic and for every questions he had to stop me answering and moved on to next question. He
    didn’t mentioned in which particular vessel I am in, so I considered myself to be in Oil Tanker and answered accordingly)
    1) You are C/O. Passage plan has been prepared and what all information will you take from the 2/0 regarding the passage ?
    Mentioned everything thought in GMA. And I explained him how those information will be useful for me, and gave example.
    Like if I have to do a great sailing and I have to enter into a winter zone so I will calculate how much cargo can me loaded extra in order to compensate with my
    conceptions onboard so that I can end up in exactly the winter mark when I am entering into the winter zone.
    Gave different examples for each related to the voyage.
    ( My answer and examples covered points in ISPS, ISM, MARPOL, SMS and preparing for loading)
    * He stopped me when I was talking about preparingy vessel for security rounds if I am going to a non-isps port.
    2) Your vessel is set for Dry Dock and expecting Cargo ship safety equipment, safety construction, load line surveys in dry dock. As a C/O how will you prepare you
    vessel for dry dock and for all these surveys?
    *Mentioned everything thought in GMA preparing for dry dock.
    *Told him all the surveys will be carried out after every dock jobs are done.
    *Explained him gas freeing procedures and also explained about flammable diagram.
    *Explained him about P force and it’s formula, how to decide my trim.
    *Additional blocks if having cargo on board or FO onboard.
    * Mentioned about load test for life boats (5 yearly). He stopped me when I started explaining load test.
    3) Showed me a synoptic chart and marked a position and told I am west bound, explain weather you will encounter in next 14hrs?
    * I was heading into cold front, explained weather in cold front.
    * Explained how to find out low pressure area with buy ballots law.
    4) Ship handling (Tanker)?
    * Refer last page.
    5) Now you are Along side, cargo discharged there is a dispute in cargo figures as per shore figures action as master?
    * Mention LOP, P and I, 3rd party surveyor, inform company, charter party and talked about bill of lading.
    6) 2 crew joining onboard one is deck cadet under 18 years and other 4th engineer from Poland certificate to check as master?
    * Mentioned all the certificate.
    * Told about ENG 1 and also told him if this ENG 1 is from a non approved authorization what have to be done.
    * Talked about CEC and CRA.
    7) What consideration to be taken for cadet under 18?
    *Explained HOR.
    *Restricted Visibility*
    1) Radar plotv3 blips was given and told me to draw it on the Radar sheet (complete the triangle) and the tell the action?
    * Completed the plot and I explained him one by one what AO, WO and WA line.
    The target was at my STBD beam. Action taken by me was reduction of speed.
    *What is the target vessel doing?
    Told him over taking through my STBD side.
    Find the radar sheet attached from the exam.
    *Light, shape and action.*
    2) NUC
    3) RAM
    4) TOW + RAM
    5) FV
    8) DREDGER
    * Then he came into emergency.
    2/0 on watch, called me and told suspect fire in galley, action?
    I started with bridge and complete every action on bridge. Didn’t let my 2/0 leave the bridge since he is the one who is well aware of navigation and traffic situation
    around and told him 3/O will take command of Support team.
    Then I started with head count, suddenly he stopped me and told ok that’s a PASS…
    I would like to thank Vinil Sir and Shayne Sir for preparing us in every aspect for tackling the orals.
    And also my batch mates for all their support.
    I would like to thank my family for all their prayers, blessings and support without which nothing would be possible in my life.
    You I r
    My Ans was I will be doing a Baltic Moor
    Started by Reducing the Speed to Manoeuvrable Speed.
    Engine ‘s standby . Then told him current will Not effect
    me in the break waters ,
    So only thing I am Concern . will
    be the wind . Told him the Preparation for Baltic Moor .
    Also mentioned Risk Ttss . to be carried out ,
    Tool Box
    Talk ‘s and mentioned always a dynamic Risk Ass will be
    done in my
    mind . Then i told i will Align my
    its parallel
    To the Jetty and Explained him Full Baltic Moor.
    And finally day out My STBD Side Anchor where it will
    Be up and down ,
    my anchor will Not obstruct other
    ✓Is in Bath ,
    ist line Passed was Fwd Spring and Aft line
    To Prevent my vessel from moving forward Since
    I am having another vessel ahead . my final mooring
    Arrangement will be I head line .
    I Fwd Spring ,
    1 Aft Spring
    and I Stern line – FINAL ARRANGEMENT
    I Don’t know if my actions are correct , But I passed . . . .

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