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    esailor Team

    Cheif Officer / Master 3000, Examiner – Nowshad Jobair (Liverpool)
    Online, Experience – PSV, CSV
    Result – Pass, Time – 1h 45 min
    Logged on 15 mins early, Started Promptly on time.
    First 15 Minutes going through rules for online exams, no googling or looking away from computer, no mobile phone or electronic device nearby. confirmed I was using the APP and not the browser. Explained I will be told my Role and vessel type for each question. Discussed my previous experience and vessels.
    When answering I referred to my company procedures / SMS on a number of occasions.
    Joining ship as CO for first time, what will you do, what documents will you be interested in?
    went through everything from walking up the quay, to meeting CO/Master on board.
    What are Statutory instruments? how are they made? What is Primary and Secondary Legislation?
    I went through the full thing from convention to UK legislation using SOLAS V and MS safety of nav regs. as an example.
    How is Info on Legislation given to you on board? What are MSN, MGN , MIN?
    Cargo vessel, Loading Iron Ore, What information will you get from Shipper? What is IMSBC Group A, B, C. What is angle of Repose? what will it mean if angle is less than 30?
    What is minimum intact Stability Criteria for a vessel?
    Loading Dangerous goods on PSV, What documentation do you get from Shipper? what info is on DG Note? what certificate does vessel need to load DG? what info is on the DOC? Full procedure for using IMDG Code.
    DG Fire, Identified as toxic smoke, CO on watch actions? actions as CO in charge on deck?
    *was looking for EMS info to have been consulted and taking into account during load planning, therefore no need to consult during emergency as this would already be in your mind, Crew to muster in safe location with respect to smoke.
    Did you last ship have lifeboats? Why not?
    CO On a vessel with 2 enclosed lifeboats, one on each side. What checks are made? went through daily, weekly, monthly, annual. stopped me at start of annual
    when I referenced MGN 560 and change with respect to approved external service provider. Asked how the Off Load test is performed, specifically location of boat when falls released (partially afloat).
    Lifting Appliance Testing and inspection, What checks are made to lifting appliances? what is 5Y Load Test, What Weight of proof load is used?
    How do you perform a risk assessment?
    Inspection of outside of ships bottom, Requirements?
    where will you look to find out if your ship is eligible for an in water inspection?
    who will be present during an inspection of outside of ships bottom?
    What certificate is class responsible for? what will they be inspecting?
    Damage to bottom plating, what plan will you need to consult to arrange repairs?
    What information is contained on the shell expansion plan?
    Actions as CO to prepare for Dry Dock?
    *wanted to hear that you would consult with dry dock to ascertain any limitations with respect to draft and trim and take this into account when checking your docking condition. also asked a specific term related to dry dock itself, I can’t remember it and had never heard it before.
    Inspection outside vessel prior to re floating, what are you going to look for and check?
    Oil discharge requirements in North Sea?
    2E wants to discharge oil but the Alarm is damaged will you let him?
    CO on watch under pilotage, Ship Grounds, Immediate actions?
    Actions on deck, How do you conduct a damage assessment?
    * I referred to sounding all tanks to check for water ingress, he wanted to hear “for a change in level” as he said “vessel is in ballast condition how will you know if she is damaged?
    who will you report the grounding to? (I said I would expect pilot would inform VTS/Harbour authority immediately. MAIB, Flag, Class, DPA, H&M, P&I)
    who are all the parties who will be involved in the refloating of the vessel?
    Buoyage – Identify, Light and action – Stb hand region A inbound, Prefered channel to port region B outbound, East cardinal heading South.
    Radar Plot – Showed me a radar display with relative vectors and asked me to give overview of the situation with 3 vessels, then wanted action and which rules apply for each individually followed by action for all 3 together. (I said I needed more info as I did not know if I was overtaking without knowing Aspect, he said tell me anyway)
    Overtaking situation 2 PDV, In Sight, Actions
    *wanted to hear call the engine room along with 5 short blasts and call the master.
    Smartie Power Point
    full description, vessel, length, nav status, day and fog sygnal, action
    VL at Anchor <100m, Stb side
    Trawler from astern
    Trawler <50, Hauling gear
    NUC astern or Vessel Agound<50 (he specified aground for sygnal info and moved on before action)
    CBD Stbd side
    SV Port
    Tug and Tow <200<50 stb side – this one through me off a bit as there were 3 green sidelights
    Overall I found it a very fair examination, the examiner was very good at re-phrasing questions to prompt me to the info he was looking for.
    Own VL

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