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    GMA Candidate EOOW Pass
    Paisley 21/11/2018
    Start time 10:45 Finish time 11:50
    1. Discharge book and passport
    2. Tell me about your last vessel?
    3. You are on 2-stroke deep sea vessel and get a call from the bridge giving you 1-hour notice how would you prepare the engine room?
    4. You are on watch and you get an alarm for a low pressure on the lub oil system what are your actions?
    5. You get a call from the bridge saying the are seeing sparks coming from the funnel
    6. What does the different colours smoke tell you about the engines?
    7. Your checking the sump engine and find that the oil has been contaminated what are the signs?
    8. What problem can accrue if fuel contaminates the lub oil?
    9. Talk through the main components on 2 stroke then 4 stroke engines
    10. Components found on the cylinder head on a 2 and 4 stroke
    11. What are tapping clearances for?
    12. What are the RPMs for slow speed medium speed and fast speed engines?
    13. You get an alarm for low fuel to the main engine what are your actions?
    14. What pumps do you have on board?
    15. What are the differences between centrifugal and positive displacement pumps?
    16. Why do you start a centrifugal pump with the discharge valve closed?
    17. Explain how you start up the oily water separator?
    18. What the 2 types of oily water separators?
    19. What is the difference between a purifier and clarifier?
    20. You type to pump a bilge but fail to get suction what is your actions?
    21. What types are fitted on the bilge system?
    22. Why are they fitted?
    23. What valves are fitted on the ballast system?
    24. Why are they fitted?
    25. What are signs of a scavenge space fire?
    26. And what are the immediate actions?
    27. What tests are carried out on boiler water and why?
    28. Why are these test are important?
    29. After you carry out the test you find that the chloride levels are high what do you do?
    30. How would you take over the watch?
    31. What are the differences between a weather tight door and watertight door?
    32. What is bilge keel?
    33. What are the difference between the sounding pipes
    34. What is free surface effect?
    35. What is the free board?
    36. What is on the main deck to get rid of the water?
    37. What are MGN, MSN and MIN?
    38. ISM code
    39. What COSWP?

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