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    Innes Young EOOW Oral Questions
    Exam Date: 06/OCT/2020
    Examiner: Neaz Hyder (Glasgow Office)
    Result: Pass (50 Minutes)

    1. What type of vessels were you on?
    2. What type of engines did you have?
    3. What was their power?
    4. You have joined the vessel and you get your safety round; can you explain this process including and tanker specialities? (I sailed on Tankers)
    5. Was it UMS or Watches?
    6. You have started your watch; can you take me through the hand over procedures?
    7. You inspect the running generator; how could you tell the sump is contaminated?
    8. Can you tell me the construction of a 2 Stroke Engine?
    9. Can you explain the requirement of tappet clearance?
    10. What is the use of piston rings?
    11. Can you name the rings?
    12. Can you tell me the use of the fly wheel?
    13. If your using the Turning Gear to turn the engine how can you tell if it’s not smooth?
    14. What should you monitor when using the turning gear?
    15. Your 2nd Engineer has told you to ready the engine, can you explain this procedure?
    16. Whilst on watch a bilge alarm sounds, what is the bilge pumping procedure?
    17. What valves are used in the bilge system and why?
    18. What is the difference between this and the ballast system?
    19. What valves are in the ballast system?
    20. Can you talk me through the operation for OWS operation?
    21. What are the requirements for OWS operation?
    22. What regulation covers this?
    23. What are the MARPOL Annexes?
    24. What is MARPOL Annex VI and its new regulations?
    25. What is the ISM code purpose?
    26. What SOLAS chapter covers this?
    27. What are the SOLAS chapters?
    28. What is the MLC? And what does it cover?
    29. On tankers what safety devices were used for cargo operations?
    30. How does the inert gas system work?
    31. What is a PV valve and its function?
    32. Your bunkering the vessel, what is the procedure?
    33. What do you find on the bunker delivery note?
    34. What are your boiler safeties?
    35. Starting the boiler?
    36. When going to UMS what is the procedure?

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