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    EOOW Orals Neaz Paisley
    GMA Candidate Tyevin Francis
    1 hour notice for arrival port
    What is SOLAS
    What is ISPS
    What is MLC
    What is ISM
    Levels of security 1.2.3
    What is SSP and what it contains
    OWS operation and procedure
    Where you record transfer, what you record, why you record what law
    What type valves on bilge, why one way
    What type valves on ballast and why
    What valves on fire main, what is isolation valve
    What is International Shore connection, what use and where it is fitted
    Watertight vs weather tight door
    Low pressure on fuel oil on gene what to do
    Explain marpol annex 4,5 and 6
    How long you retain BDN
    How long retain bunker sample
    What are boiler mountings
    What are boiler safeties
    Why do we test boiler water
    What are tests
    High chlorides what will you do
    What is water hammer
    Sparks from funnel what to do
    How to blow down gauge glass
    Draw bilge system
    How to start centrifugal pump why we start with discharge valve closed
    What is diff bet purifier and clarifier
    Purpose of gravity disc
    Previously cleaned purifier but now oil water interface is not good so overflowing why?
    What is principle of separation of purifier and clarifier
    What is principle of separation of OWS
    Oil in hotwell what to do and why
    What is easing gear
    Why do you soot blow
    Scavenge fire indication what to do?
    What are M notices
    How to put ship on UMS
    What is dead man alarm how it works
    What is freeing port
    What is free surface effect

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