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    Jonathan GMA Candidate Examiner Mr Phillips 01/09/21 1Hour40Minutes
    1. Tell me about your vessel
    2. Tell me how you would take over the watch (check logbook and ORB)
    3. What readings would you expect from logbook (exhaust temp, bearing temp, lubrication oil
    temp/pressure etc) – Could not remember any due to complete blank
    4. Draw a cross section of a 2-stroke engine and diagram (had to be perfect! Did not do very
    5. Departure procedure (1 hour notice & steering gear etc.)
    6. Emergency generator and switch board (what emergency equipment is power by ESB)
    7. Emergency fire pump
    8. Enclose space entry
    9. MARPOL
    10. SOLAS
    11. ISM (SMS & PMS)
    12. Fire in ER
    13. Scavenge space fire
    14. IR test (mega test – very detailed including connections etc. did not go fantastically but got
    most of it)
    15. Operating OWS and 15PPM alarm
    16. How does a OWS operate?
    17. MSN, MGN, MIN
    18. COWSP
    19. Paralleling a generator
    20. Fuel oil system (from bunker to injection)
    21. Viscotherm (how it works and what temperature/viscosity)
    22. Taking over watch
    23. There was a lot. Just don’t do what I did and forget the basics. (Know your 2-stroke cross
    section diagram and remember quantities like temp, pressure etc.)

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