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    December 2020
    Examiner: Tim Andrews – CM/Masters 3000 – 1.5 hours
    Plymouth Marine Office – Online Exam
    Experience: RoRo

    Some may be out of order, but these are the topics I can remember.
    1. What statutory Certificates do you have onboard? Followed up with what conventions they apply to. He asked me what size of ships must comply with Safety Radio Cert and MARPOL Annex 1.
    2. He followed up with ISM: What is it? Master’s responsibilities? How to encourage crew to follow the policy? Certificate for company and for the ship? What’s on ISM DOC?
    3. Preparations for a Load Line Survey?
    4. What would you check before sailing? Followed up with general heavy weather precautions.
    5. Loading Iron Ore? Precautions? How much can you load? What limits how much you can load? Where would you check?
    6. Asked me about Ballast water convention – D1 and D2 standards.
    7. Inspection of FW tank? With reference to preparations and carrying out the job? What maintenance do you do on the FW system?
    8. AB has fallen over in the tank and is injured: Actions? Followed up with what to do after the incident? Should people be sent back in after the incident is over?
    9. Who would investigate the incident? Jobs of a safety officer?
    10. Checks on LSA? Weekly, monthly, annually? He followed up with how often you should carry out various drills.
    11. HOR for seafarers and HOR for those under 18
    12. Procedures of a safe navigational watch? MGN 315 stuff. How do you know you are at a safe speed?
    13. ECDIS – What is safety Depth?
    14. ARPA – What are the inputs? Why is STW used for ARPA not SOG?
    15. Anchoring: Why would you use an Open Moor?
    16. Followed up with asking about a standing moor: When and why to use?
    17. Normal Anchoring: How much chain to use and how would you decide?
    Rules and Buoyage:
    He shared his screen for this section. Nothing out of the ordinary and no tricks.
    1. Radar plot with vessel on both beams: Actions? What does 19 say about how you can alter in restricted visibility.
    2. During the buoyage sections he wanted the buoy and the light: preferred Channel to port Region A, Emergency Wreck Marking Buoy, North Cardinal.
    3. Lights and shapes:
    – Type
    – Day Shape
    – Action
    – Sound Signal
    3.1. NUC
    3.2. CBD
    3.3. Towing >50, <200

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