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    Masters Unlimited
    Orals Examination Report: Ranjit Singh
    Examiner: Simon Alletson
    Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes
    First attempt
    Date: 08 Feb. 2021
    Exam started on time.
    1. Crew from different nationality: Problems.
    – Friction due to culture, most of the time conversation in local language, not following on-board official language.
    – Seafarer employment agreement.
    2. What entries, certificates required for sign-on crew.
    3. Young person hours of rest and how to delegate work and duties to young person.
    4. Weather (Southern hemisphere, Arrival New Zealand from South Pacific ocean)
    – Wind direction near high pressure at particular position.
    – Wx Before occluded front
    – Wx Between two occluded fronts
    – Wx After occluded front
    5. Vessel encountering wind force 10 winds, Action.
    6. Containers overboard, heavy list, only hatch cover are deformed, Action and reporting.
    7. General average, Port of refuge, sea protest, etc….
    8. Share his screen, screen shot of radar on 12 miles, coastal waters, buoys marked on radar (Mapping), No course line and Vessel position near to buoy & land, HDG: 030, COG: 038, SOG: 16.8 kts, STW: 16.3 kts, No parallel index lines, No clearing bearings.
    – 3rd Officer on watch, you came on bridge, what are your observations and Action.
    9. Radar plot, two targets: 1. Port bow crossing port to stbd. 2. Stbd. Quart. Over taking, Full report and Action.
    10. Share screen, Radar with 8 targets on the bow 4 on port bow & 4 on stbd. Bow on approx. range 4 to 5 miles, Course: 090, 3rd Officer called me on bridge, Action.
    Buoys (Type, top mark, light and which way I would pass)
    – W Cardinal, no head mark. Vessel on a course of 176 which way would I pass.
    – Region A Preferred Channel to Port (Secondary to main)
    – Safe water mark
    Smarty Board (Type of V/L, Status, Fog Signal, Day shape, Aspect, Action )
    – Vessel aground
    – Trawler, hauling nets, Appearance of Golf flag
    – RAM with 2 red lights in vertical line, red side light, mast light
    – Power driven vessel, one mast light
    1. In TSS, me on PDV with three vls, First: overtaking from stbd. Qurt, Second: PDV crossing from stbd. to port, Third: SV crossing port to stbd.
    2. In narrow channel on PDV with two vls, First: PDV in front of me, Second: SV with apex downward crossing from port to stbd.
    3. Open ocean on PDV with two vls, First: FV crossing from stbd. To port, Second: CBD crossing from port to stbd.
    “Thanks to GMA for the teaching and to all my batch mates for support and wishes”

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