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    esailor Team

    EOOW Non GMA Candidate
    Glasgow 4th of July – Pass
    10.45 1 hour duration.
    • Discharge Book
    • Asked If vessels I had been on was UMS, I said Container and watchkeeping for supply ship.
    • My role on board my vessels.
    • Draw a fuel system from bunker tank to main engine– I drew HFO fuel system.
    • Asked to explain fuel system.
    • Safeties on fuel system – I talked about quick closing valves and pressure relief valves.
    • He wanted more safeties, was looking for emergency stops on pumps, purifier stops etc.
    • What actuates quick closing valves.
    • Why do we need a vent on bunker tanks.
    • Taking over the watch round.
    • Asked what expansion tanks were for.
    • Wanted more detail on expansion tanks – pressure boost, air escape, chemical dosing point and to be able check for exhaust gases/bubbling. How to check for exhaust gases in expansion tank.
    • Boiler watchkeeping parameter checks.
    • Gauge glass number and how they are situated – one offset on the other.
    • One gauge glass is high and one is half full what would I do – blow down both.
    • Cylinder lubrication on a two stroke – why we need it.
    • Auxiliary boiler flame low and orange – troubleshoot.
    • Aux boiler trips and alarms.
    • Cascade tank and its purpose. Observation tank and I mentioned temperature. He always wanted more – he was looking for chemical dosing of feedwater but I explained we had dosing pumps.
    • Air compressor checks.
    • Air compressor safeties.
    • Generator checks. I said only dip generators sumps when not running and he asked why. He stated if the generator was running and there was any thought that there was no oil or been running a long time you might still want to dip the sump to check.
    • Generator is running but there is a cyclical change of pitch/humming noise, what are the problems and what to do.
    • Synchronising generator and load sharing.
    • Removing unhealthy generator from the board.
    • What is a synchroscope.
    • What does it mean when you connect a generator in phase – I explained AC cycle, same angle across wave form.
    • Generator and SWB trips.
    • Blackout scenario – what do you do. I said get to Control Room. He said its totally dark – I mentioned 24v lighting and he said its not required. I said well the emergency generator should start and provide power in 45 seconds. He said it doesn’t start…. I was getting confused at this point. I said I always carry a torch on my rounds and he explained it was out of battery. He wanted me to say my actions. I said get to a place of safety and he asked who was most at risk here (me). I eventually said “stay still and call for help” and he was happy with this.
    • Escape routes in engine room and signage.
    • Scavenge Fire procedures.
    • Scavenge space safeties – I mentioned fixed fire fighting equipment. He kept asking for more. I said I didn’t know and we moved on.
    • Enclosed Space Entry – how would I know it was safe. What checks prior to entering.
    • Main engine watchkeeping checks.
    • International Legislation – STCW, MARPOL, SOLAS explained all three.
    • MARPOL annexes. Which are more relevant to me.
    • Asked to explain regulations for Annex 1, 4, 5 and 6.
    • I explained Annex 6 and he asked for more than just sulphur content of fuel. Talked about refrigerant log, IAPP certificate and using the incinerator.
    • Sewage treatment plant checks.
    • Working Hours and regulations – I mentioned MLC and recent MSN notice.
    • ISM code
    • COSWP

    These questions are what I can remember. He seemed to ask a question and I’d give what I thought was a suitable answer. He would keep pushing for more and I think he was testing my technical knowledge more than anything. He was fair and was mostly interested in my watchkeeping reactions. Said my troubleshooting would improve with experience. There was another guy sitting in on the oral who was there for training – this might have changed the atmosphere. The examiner checked his watch and basically when the hour was reached said I had passed.

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