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    Orals Examination Report – B Simpson
    Masters Unlimited
    Examiner – Tony Wilson
    Length of Exam 1 hour 10 minutes

    I’ll preface this report with the disclaimer that I cannot recall exactly what questions were asked or the exact order of questions so this will be more of a flavour of the areas we covered and as many of the questions about them that I can recall.

    The exam started on time, which was fortunate as my initial attempt to join the meeting failed and I had to retry. I was a bit nervous that I wasn’t actually in the right meeting but Capt Wilson greeted me just after half nine. After checking my id against that held on file, we discussed my seafaring background as well as the ground rules for the exam itself. I had to show a 360 of where I was sat including entrances as well as on top of and under my desk. We also went over the fact that it was a first resit and where I had fallen down on my previous exam.

    1. First question was what certificates were issued by the MCA. I started that answer by mentioning ACS and answered those certificates issued when a ship was on the ACS which he was happy with. He then dived in depth into some of the certificates.
    2. ISM, what it was, what certification, what was the validity of the certificates and when were they audited and by who.
    3. ISPS, what certs, validity, inspection regime etc. Also went into SSA’s and SSP’s.
    4. MLC, what certificates, was particularly interested in when the various DMLC certificates were issued by and who issued them. This led to:
    5. SEA’s, what details I would expect to see etc.
    6. Hours of Rest, minimum hours of rest, when it can be amended and differences for under 18s.
    7. ENG1, validity and if it expired whilst on passage what would you do.
    8. CSR, what it was, how it was amended etc.
    9. Disciplinary Matter, I cannot recall the exact wording but after going through the process I was pushed to mention all done under the Merchant Navy Code of Conduct
    10. Different Types of M notice. I was asked difference between MSN and MGN with examples, was amused when I chose MGN 69.
    11. PSC, at one point I was asked about PSC so mentioned Paris MOU, risk register of ships, how risk was calculated.
    12. OLB, sections of OLB and if anything can be added to it.
    13. SAR got a ‘call’ in the middle of the night to say the OOW had just heard the single word Mayday on the VHF. I went into getting the OOW to try and get more info from the initiator whilst I contacted other ships and the nearest RCC as well as making a Mayday relay. Sent by the RCC to assist and magically all the other ships who had also heard the message disappeared and I was left finding an oil slick and a bit of debris so went int a sector search. An aircraft was also despatched so asked about 1 ship/1 aircraft search pattern and to draw it roughly.

    That was the end of the ‘talky talky’ section. We then went onto buoyage, Rules and RV. Again, I cannot recall everything as there were quite a lot, but these are the main ones I remember:

    Buoys (type, top mark, light and which way I would go)
    E Cardinal, no headmark. Vessel on a course of 210 which way would I go.
    Region A Preferred Channel to Stbd
    Region B Stbd Lateral Mark

    Smarty Board (All the usual but didn’t want action)
    Vessel aground – wanted the arc of vis for the reds.
    F/V with gear extending 150m – Slightly obscure as I was approaching from FV Stbd quarter. He also asked me the definition of a FV.
    Tug and Tow – Included where tow was measured from.
    NUC stopped – asked diameter of ball.

    RoR General
    Put me on PDV and had a fishing boat overtaking – said rule 13 and was asked what other rules apply so mentioned 1-10 and 20+ as required.
    Crossing a TSS – asked various questions on rule 10 such as how to join, what can work in a separation zone, how to cross etc. The had a ‘PDV’ in the lane on my port side so I stood on at which point the PDV became a FV, so I took action as per 18.
    Put me on a CBD with a RAM on my port side – Stated my action, 5 short but immediately slow down) and backed it up with 18, 9, 17 and 2b. Probed into 17 and I pushed out the may take action etc which he seemed pleased with.

    Just before moving onto Restricted Vis he asked me to explain 8f to a ‘new cadet’.

    Restricted Vis
    Started with actions I would take when OOW informed me we were approaching area of RV.
    Then two plots, one fwd. of my Stbd beam and one abaft my port beam – Mentioned that I would continue the plot which he couldn’t do with the system they now use. Explained each ‘plot’ and made alteration to stbd.
    Finally asked when I could go to Port in RV.

    I was then informed that I had met the requirements to be awarded my Class 1 CoC. There were a couple of points I was slightly weak on but understandable given the fact that I have been RFA. I was told that if I wanted, he would go over the places I was weak on but that I didn’t have to as I had already passed.

    The weak areas were:
    Only MSNs are law, but you’d be brave not to implement everything in MGNs and MINs as well
    CSR. I stated that you would keep all the sequential documents but that I was unsure if it was required or not. It is a requirement to keep all.
    PSC. Understand the differences between an initial and expanded PSC survey.

    Thanks to Vinil and Shayne for the teaching and a massive thank you to all my classmates for the zoom sessions.

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