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    esailor Team

    Candidate – Kingshuk Das Gupta
    Examiner – Robert Jackson
    Master Unlimited
    Date – 04.01.2021
    Duration – 1 Hr 40 mins

    1. Tell me about your last ship.
    2. Did you load DG?
    3. What are your obligations towards loading DG as a Master?
    4. Where will you get information regarding stowage and segregation of DG?
    5. Tell me about the stowage of non standardized cargo as per Cargo Securing Manual.
    6. What Statutory certificates will you take over as Master?
    7. Watch keeping arrangement on your last ship?
    8. Did you have UMS onboard?
    9. Consider yourself as a Master onboard an UMS ship. 2 o clock in the morning water mist on main engine gets activated. Action.
    10. Fire gets out of control. Action?
    11. Apart from CO2 flooding and the actions associated with it, he was also looking at Stopping of Main Engine and taking Emergency generator on load. So he asked me how will you stop the main engine?
    12. Which all items will come on line with Emergency Generator?
    13. Following the fire getting out of control. There will be engine failure and blackout. Actions. You are not in anchoring depth.
    14. Another Anchor Handler comes for assistance. Considerations and Actions as Master?
    15. Tell me what you know about salvage.
    16. How will you make a Polish 2/E join. Does not have CoE and Medical from Poland. What will you do?
    17. Contents of SEA?
    18. How long is an Official Log Book valid. On closing of an Official Log Book where will you send it?
    19. How are you responsible towards ISPS as a Master. How will you come to know about the Scurity Level that needs to be maintained on board? Who informs about security levels in the UK?
    20. Tell me about all the corrector of Magnetic compass.
    21. Preparations for RV as per company’s checklist.
    22. Which rules apply in RV?
    23. When I mentioned about Systematic Radar plot. He asked me how will you carry out a systematic radar plot?
    24. How will you know that your ARPA is giving correct information?
    25. Which rules take into account the aspect of other vessels?
    26. Smarty boards, CBD, Anchored vessel, Sailing vessel from stern, pilot vessel.
    27. When I said I will pass the anchored vessel from stern. He asked me why will you pass the vessel from stern?
    28. One RV situation, with two targets, one crossing from stbd to port and one overtaking from the port side. RoC with both. He asked my action, and what do you think the other vessels will do with respect to you?

    No Buoyage question.
    I may have missed out on few questions.

    Result – Pass
    Robert Jackson is a fair examiner. He expected practical answers.

    I will like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Vinil and Mr. Shayne for the valuable guidance you provided and helped building up the confidence.
    I will highly recommend this course to any aspiring candidate for Mate and Master.
    Thanks to all my batch mates for the Group discussions.

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